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Prophecy or Science Fiction?


Alice C. Bateman


I believe the planet Earth is at peace now. No one is chipping away at her, stealing the vital fluids that solidify when exposed to air. These are the things, robbed from the mother Earth, that mankind placed high value on and traded as gemstones or jewelry, gold and silver. Iron, that we used for many things, was also stripped from her veins. I'm sure that most of you have seen some examples of these things.

The planet can rejuvenate and heal from the wounds inflicted by man, but only if they are small and allowed to reconnect and heal over after a time. Man was too greedy - he wanted all of the Earth's lifeblood for himself. The greedy child, killing the mother to fulfil his own lust for every possession possible.

The Earth is a living, breathing entity, much more so even than you or I. She nurtures and feeds us, and gives us materials to protect us from her elemental forces.

Now, we have relearned how to co-operate with the planet instead of exploiting her for our own selfish ends. I have to include myself, because I used all the products of the time. I wrote my first books on a computer, something I'll tell you more about later.

I stopped driving a vehicle in the nineteen eighties, but I still supported that polluting and exploitive industry by using mass transit, or taking a ride from family or friends in their vehicles.

I still haven't found out what happened to some of my friends, like Geraldine. She and I were very close friends for years, but she was taking a cruise in the Caribbean when the floods came, so she and Rob, her husband, could still be together on an island somewhere. I don't know. I don't think she's dead, because I feel a response when I seek her in my mind. But where she is isn't clear, and I couldn't tell her exactly where I am if she asked.

All the geography of the land has changed, and new maps have not been finished. None of the old names apply anymore.

That's where Earl is, off map-making with his cousin Jordan. The two of them were so disappointed when computers and video games left the scene; they didn't know what to do with themselves. About thirty years ago they decided to strike out on their own to explore and map this new world. We see them at one settlement or another every few years. Neither one has found a woman yet, that I know of, but life is long and people are scarce right now.

We ran into my sister Maggie and her son Jordan about five years after the floods. Apparently they'd been driving up to visit a friend in Northern Ontario when the waters rose. I was so relieved to see them! I thought for sure that they'd been drowned, since they'd lived in Mississauga, which was totally inundated.

There is endless water. There is water from immediately east of the Appalachians, and even some of them are now underwater rock formations. Of course, by putting some of the mountains under water, the planet is protecting herself from the pain of all the mining development that existed. She needs time to heal and replenish her fluids.

The gifts of the Earth are there for our use, but only when she gives them as gifts. Not when they are ripped from the very fabric of her being. God will protect the planet itself above all things, and when mankind placed her life in jeopardy, they put themselves in peril. God is stern, but He loves us and the planet Earth.

As the parent of an errant child, would you give the child a new puppy or kitten, and sit contentedly by while you had to watch him endlessly torturing and wounding it? Neither could God, though He gave man plenty of time to mend his ways before the damage he was inflicting became irrevocable. Then God had to step in.

I know that many of you who read this may judge God harshly for the punishment inflicted on the population of this planet. If you could have been there to witness the mountains of garbage, the wanton destruction, the filthy water, and the clouds of deadly pollution hovering over the cities, you'd be able to see that God simply provided a solution to salvage the planet and humanity from it's own unheeding and selfish ways.

Chapter Seven

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