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One Poor Heart


Alice C. Bateman

Tell me please, how often

Can just one heart break

How much disappointment

Can just one poor heart take?


Just when you think that all is well

There's one more crushing blow

Just when you think it's all OK

Life once more lays you low


How much disappointment

Can one poor heart take?

How often can we open up

And leave our hearts at stake?


I'm tired of the whirlwind

I just want off this ride

Too much roller-coaster

Far too much high tide


My poor heart can't take anymore

Of hurt and disappointment

As far as I know, I've never heard

Of any magic ointment


That you can smooth on all the cracks

Of a heart that's been so shattered

Why can we not just live our lives

And not always feel battered?


I've had enough of hurt and pain

I've had enough of this

When will I ever, will I ever

Have my share of bliss?


Does it really even

Exist on this old earth?

Or is it just a myth that we've

Been fed with since our birth?


I've had enough, I've had enough

I scream inside my head

Will this never end until

The day that I am dead?

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