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Take Care of Me


Anne Bellah

Allow me to introduce myself
I am your Star-Spangled-Banner
I must alert my patriots
You cannot treat me in this manner
I am glad that you love me
But these rules are a must
Have you forgotten what I stand for
Where I've been and who I trust?
If I am displayed on a staff
My folds should fall free
I should set high at the peak
I shant touch nothing beneath me
Please do not leave me outside
When the weather is inclement
For this is disrespectful
Not patriotic - as it is meant
If I am displayed as a decal
On your mode for transportation
Make sure every piece is there
Each inch stands for our nation
When a soldier has died
And has defended my honor
Place the stars at the head of the
Casket and over the left shoulder
My Stars and Stripes shall
Cover the casket all around
Please be especially careful
For I musn't touch the ground
When I am paraded in the streets
Please salute when I pass by
Place your right hand on your heart
And hold your head up high
If you should leave me out
In the darkness of the night
Illuminate my colors
With the brightest of your light
If I must be put away
Be careful when you fold
Start at the Stripes - in triangles
For my Stars must be exposed
Please take care of me
Respect wha I've become
My Nation needs me more than ever
After all - this is my home
If that final day should come
I am tattered and I am torn
Engulf me with your fire
So that I my be reborn

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