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Love Till The End Of Time


Ashlie Nicole

I thought that I was the only one that felt like they had no reason to get up and start the day. I have an easy life so I though, go to school twice a week and then go to work. But then suddenly I lost some of my closest friends to a car wreck's. I never had so much pain and anger in me. Since I had just lost my cousin a year ago I never fully healed.

See death had never been an issue in my life before. Then it all started to happen one after another I was losing family and friends like leaves falling from a tree. All my pain inside kept on growing & growing inside of me until I could no longer take it. The day's felt like they had no meaning and the nights seemed to fill me with fear. Knowing that all I had to dream about was the though of losing another person close to me and the fear of death may be at my door next.

All my class mates seemed to be going through the same thing kinda . Some talked of suicide others talked about how it yet was not all over and I just keep to my self and my thoughts out of things not wanting to express how i felt about every thing. The teachers did not under stand us, they say that they have lost people they loved too but they have to go on and other have also lost and have moved on with there life's as well. I though I cant I'm scared to live and share my happens, sadness, and my thoughts, to even get close to people and let them get close to me.

To even love people or try to be loved by people because in one moment in one little blink of an eye it all can be taken from you. I did not want to leave people with that type of pain. Then someone told me I need to live my life for the people that I have lost because that's what they want and that's how God would want it. For God has a plan for every one of us some of us have filled it and the ones who are still here need to for fill there's.

So get up go on and do every thing you can do or even give for that day because God is not going to ask you how many A's you got in school or who your friends where or if you where the top student in your class or if you had the lowest scores in every thing or how you spent your time. No, he is going to ask how many life's did you touch, how many people did you love or even show love to in your life and did you except me before you died.

So for every day you think life's not worth it to get up and thing's are just to hard and you feel like every thing has no meaning just remember there is some person that needs your smile your touch and your love to help them get through there tough time in there life. So get up and go love and be loved in return and for fill God's plan for you. For some day we all shall see the one we loved again in heaven so until then just love and live.

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