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"Could we have some more, Sir?" - Charles Dickens

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Aaron Atkinson

Remembering Elisha Atkinson
What happened to My Car?
What is the Matrix?

Adam Bianchi

Love Between the Distance

Adam D. Olson

Home Improvement

Adam Gilson

Beckoning Waves
Dance Upon Earthen Stage
Three Men

Alan Dittrich

The Best Policy

Albert Novikov


Aleah Gibson

Not a chance to regret

Alex Caine

Just For the One You Love
This Life of Mine

Alice C. Bateman

A Blade of Grace
A House of Her Own
Midnight Tea
On My Little Girl's Birthday

Alisha Morgan

The Other Life

Amber A. Whitman

Secret Alien Nation

Amber Schamel

Foolish Princess

Amy Sorensen

The Jury - Chapter One
The Jury - Chapter Two
The Jury - Chapter Three

Andre Morrisen




Angela Hope

Father's Presence
Mardi Gras Time in New Orleans
Naughty But Not So Nice

Angela MacRae


Anil Kumar S

Melbourne Blues

Ann Reinen

Family Loyalty... how far should it go?

Annie Robinson


Ashwini Ahuja

Nasty Note
To Goggles
The Petty Mobile Phone
The Killing Machine


The Lake

B. Hopewell

The one thing you forgot...

Ben Dyar

Ghosts of Retribution
Lament of Purity

Blair DiVenuta

Samantha's Simplicity

Bob Chassanoff

A Gunfight
My Last Puppy

The Setting Of The Sun

Bob Hyman

Better Modeling Through Appliances
Chat Room
Chief No-Nose
Payback Time
Pickhandle Pete
Susie Sunshine and the Sunflower Gang
The Greeter
The Walking Stick

Bobbie Sawyer

A Rose for Marly

Brad Pike

The Safe House

Brian Peters

Born Again
The Measure of Family
Drenched in Love
Kelso's Rule
Keep on Trucking
Never Again
The Switch Back

Brian Wilmott

The Incident
Zone Three

Brittany Hanson


Brittney Augustine

Billy's Friend's Shell

Bruce Longman

A Time to Love
Left Behind
Midlife Crisis
The Fling
The Shortcut

C J (Cindi) Mouser

For Love of a Dog
Memories on the Hoof

Cailean Darkwater

Another Day
Over the Edge
The Beast

Caity Nowosatka

A Pink Ribbon

Cara Walker

Last Goodbye Part 1
Last Goodbye Part 2

Last Goodbye Part 3
Last Goodbye Part 4

Last Goodbye Part 5

Jane's Diary

Carmalin Sophia

Love Me Dear

Caterina Kenworthy

The Chance Theater
The World Of Discarded Drawing

Catharine Parks


Charilette Rai Sweeny

A Road Apple of Wisdom

Chen-ou Liu

Another Pnin

Chloe Ho

Murder in Malibu

Chris Ruland

Life of Jack

Christen Chaffins

The Violin

Christine Raposo

Life, Death, And Something In Between
Another Monday

Cindy Sorburn

Life in the Trenches

Cinnamon Brown

Hidden Secrecies
Women 2 Women Part One
Women 2 Women Part Two
Women 2 Women Part Three
Women 2 Women Part Four
Women 2 Women Part Five
Women 2 Women Part Six

Not Far From The Tree
What If

Clive S. Michie

The Adventures of Brat Cat
The Adventures of Brat Cat part 2

Cori Gardner

The Concept of Time

Courtney Kelly

That Woman

Crystal Bay

Goodbyes Never Last
Magic Mr.Mahoney

Cynthia Burke


D. Robert Tibbits

The Matter With It

D. Sekou

Makings of a Man
The Life that Found Me
Wrong Way Willie

Daniel Borgertpoepping

An Unpleasant Dawn

Daniel R. Menage

Car Rides
Distant Man

Daniel W. Kneip

A Friend In The Woods
Baby Jasper
Baked Breads and Rolls
Bigfoot in a Bank
Belle's Bell
Daisy May's Fastball
In For A Chop Chop
Nelson Never Helps
Pensleys Letter
Steve The Owl

The Fallen Piece
The Final Entries of Dr. Merd
The Moon Witch
The Penny
The Persuasive Sale - An Iguana Story
The Terribly Moonlit Garden
The Thievin' Parrot
The Town Of Huxley
The Ugliest Woman

Danielle Warrington

Do and Dont

Dave Chukwuji

Rain Dance
The Dark Side Of The Moon
The Wrong Kind Of Hero

David A. Gillaspie

A Father's Duty
At The End
A View Of Joe

David C. Card

Claudia and the Man in the Overcoat
Hall of Mirrors
Living Yesterday Tomorrow

David J. Collins

Love Rejected
Telos Moral(es) Adam

The Exchange
The Great Deception

David Robinson

A tale of two stones
Growing Up Fast The Hard Way
Leaping faith
The Master Builder
The Lamb
The Potter’s House

David Rothman

A Broken Dish
A Soldier’s Voice
An Inspiration
Bill Lundy
Einstein At The Skirball
Finding Love

David Will

A Half Australian

Dawn Merrow

The People Watcher

Dayna Rae

With Love

Devante Awic

Lost Hope - Chapter One
Lost Hope - Chapter Two

Dominic Martia

Dog Tale
Hope Springs
The Rat Who Showed Up

D.L. Campbell

Rot Junge

Durlabh Singh

Out Of Africa

Dwyer Leahy Vessey

A Gumball God
Does god love me?

Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

A Sojourn to Another Marriage
Haani Comes To Explain It
The Bike

Eileen Register

Amazing Grace
A Conversation

Elizabeth Finn

Generation Yuppie
My Country 'Tis of Thee

Elizabeth Maua Taylor

Sage and Candace
Snail Killer

Emil Di Motta

MayDay! MayDay!
Stark Terror!

Emily Edmiston


Emily Lain

Carrot and Pumpkin
Ginger and Tabi
The Earth and It's People

Emma Meade

Shards of Heartbreak

Epp Härm


Eric Rodriguez

My Dad's Gun
The Black Box
The Vow - A Halloween Story

Fahima Yousouf

A Day in a Doc's Life
Wedding Bells
Midnight Terror
Travelling Blues
Your Days Are Numbered

Frank Blacharczyk

Save Us From Ourselves

Frances Mackay

The Wolf's Tale

GR Oliver

Red Racer


The Game

Gary Gordon

Sam Schpaade - Private Detective

Gavin Lake

The Illness

George H. Lafferty

A Dragon's Death
Campground Killer
The Reluctant Hero
War Parties

Georgiann Baldino

The Mission

Geraldine Cook Davis

Calling Dr. Stein
Things Aren't What They Seem

Giancarlo Buono-Pannini

Lamentable Enterprise

Gill James

The Gem Sharers



H. Diggory

Cold Hands


Harry Buschman

A Special Collection of 37 short stories
The Westlake Village Collection.

A Special Collection of 26 short stories
The Tenement Collection

2nd Soldier, 1st Clown
A Christmas Story
A Dog's Life
A little After October 23, 1929
About Time
A Fine Time to Die
A Full Deck
A Funny Thing Happened
A Man of Discretion
A Minor Miracle
A New Year for Hildy Mercer

A Picture to Remember
A Sudden Stillness
A Single Life
A Question of Values
A Vulgar Woman
Alice's Men
Ashes of Roses
Ardsly and Lotte Chapter from "Westlake Village"
Battersea Bridge
Bottoms Up
Breakfast in Milano

Breakwater Rocks

Broken Windows
Brother Godfinger
Burning Bridges
Charlie’s Night
Days of Our Years - Part One
Days of Our Years - Part Two
Days of Our Years - Part Three
Days of Our Years - Part Four

Dearest Eliot
Dream Girl
Don’t Call Tonight
Down and Out
Eva's Beads
Fine Points of Law
Fool on the Hill
For These Thy Gifts
Genesis 19
Givin' It To Rudy
God's Country
Going Around Again
Goodbye Randy Lovelock

Good Night Sweet Prince
Grandpa's Gardenias
Hamelin, PA
Harley, Aggie and the Bitch
Harry Tarr, Photographer
His Master's Voice
Home Alone
House of Passion
I Can't Say ****
I Hardly Knew Him
I Love New York
In Here
Incident in Muttontown
Independence Day
Jury Pool Junkie (a portrait)

Ignorant Armies
Kissing Cousins
Kiss Me, Miss Erato
Knight's Move
Last Lunch With Lily
Letting George Do It
Life and Death in Venice
Life’s Labyrinth
Living Together
Lizardo, the Bog Man

Looking Ahead

Madama Butterfly
Martin Buber's Thing
Marvin’s Obsession
Memories of Grand-Pere
Merlin’s Recipe
Miracle of the Birds
Miracle of the Empress Diner
Molly’s Place
Mother's Day
My Dearest Susan
My Way, Your Way
Never the Twain
No Black Haircut "Westlake Village"

No One Ever Tells You
Nothing Is Forever
Nude in the Window
Off the Square
Old Folks at Home
On the Kissing of Bella Shapiro
On the Other Hand
One Way Street
Outside the Lines
Our Fathers
Prom Night
Redondo Rose

Revenge of the Drop Cloth
Rocco’s Place
Role Playing
Sailing to Buffalo
Scattering Simon
Schmidt's Radio
Seeing New Jersey
Short One Teat
Single Word Prompt
Son of Mehitabel
Sparrow’s Hand

Starting Over
St. Valentine's Day
Stretching It
Street of Dreams
Sunset Land
The Accompanist.
The Apple Orchard
The Augie
The Bed by the Window
The Beginning

The Bell and the Bride
The Bus to Bridgeport
The Bridge
The Chauvinist
The Confession

The Dangerous Summer
The Devil You Know
The Eye
The Fall of France
The Fire Inside
The Flood
The Girl in the Green Shawl
The Gwendolyne

The Hand Of The Master
The Innocents
The Interrupted Tryst
The Irresistible Force
The Italian Lesson
The Last Intermission
The Last Supper
The Legend of the Aspen (An Indian Legend)
The Legend of the Little Beggar Boy
The Light Brown Suit

The Lord’s Press
The Lost Generation
The Love of Her Father
The Man By the Window
The Man I Was
The Man Who Couldn't Fly
The Man Who Married Lily Bart
The Merry Widower
The Modification
The Muse of Houston Street
The Name With No Man
The New CEO
The Ninth Candle - Novel Excerpt

The Partner
The Piano
The Passing of Willie Monahan - Part One - The Grievin'
The Passing of Willie Monahan - Part Two - The Layin' In
The Passing of Willie Monahan - Part Three - Odd Man In
The Poet Speaks
The Prisoner
The Proposal
The Rainbow Diner - Part One
The Rainbow Diner - Part Two
The Rainbow Diner - Part Three

The Real Thing
The Resurrection The Scarecrow
The Road to Manhood
The Scroll
The Sentinel
The Spectator
The Television Set
The Tenants
The Third Door
The Top Floor
The Waiter

The Watchwoman
The Wedding Dress
The Word From Whitney
The Zacharias Decision
Through the Looking Glass
Tomorrow’s Friday
Truth or Consequence
Turn Around, Frank. Look at Me
Twin Beds
Two T's in Watteau

Two Hour Delay
Two Thousand Passions
Upon the Occasion of Our Punch and Judy Pageant
Uptown Saturday Night
Valentine's Day
View From the Fiction Shelf
Village Strawberry Festival
Walter Ciardi
Wanting to Believe
What Kind of German?
Wheat Field With Crows
When I Grow Up
Winning Tessie
Woody’s Epitaph

Your Life is in Your Wallet

Heidi Yang

First Date
The Phoenix Girl
The Vision
Unforgettable Night

Hristo Karastoyanov

Down On The Road To Hell

J. Wilder

Unreasonable Progress Chapter One
Unreasonable Progress Chapter Two


Jacob Rabbitt


The Master Death Chapter 1

The Master Death Chapter 2
Princesses Of Ganlot - Wizard's Tale

Jack Windsor


The Flight of the Swan
The Hairy Ghost
The Park
The Problem

The Rat from the River

James Morford

The Eaves Dropper

James Ross

The Sin Eater

Jamie Kay

I Met An Angel

Janelle Zimmerman

My Trip to the Bridge
The Opposite of Hopeless

Janet Owenby

Regina's Miracle
Rosie the Bag Lady
Voices in The Cellar

Janice Wu

Switzerland Island

Jannie Balliett

The Tail That Wagged The Dog


Prince Sirion - Chapter One
Prince Sirion - Chapter Two

Tamer of Dragons - Part One
Tamer of Dragons - Part Two

Jax Rerun

My Hero

Jeff Gerstenfeld


Jennifer Lambe


Jennifer Morton

Away From the Sun
Raven Feathers

Jerry Vilhotti

A Tree in the Forest
A Cold Ice Dream
Deep Colors in Threes
Going to Saint Mike
No Child Left Behind
Silver Diamonds

Jessica Sayer

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Jim Morrell III

Meeting Benny
Partying with Jesus

Joanna Rozo

Closet Diaries
Halfway Gone
The Grim Reaper

John A. Wilson

The Black Girl

John Foster

The Danger of Grandchildren
The Secret Lake

John Lenore


John-Michael Bender

Soldier Through This

Jolanta Gradowicz

An Accident
Aunt Maria
Living Here by Hacker
It Will

Jon Harding

The World-Enders

Jonathan Isenor

A Flaming Arrow
In the Blink of an Eye
Redfield's Mansion
The Becoming
The Once Golden City

Johanna Albee


Juan Alberto Rogue

Her Old Man

Kasara Robinson


Kati Gaustad

The Party

Kelli Klabenes

Jesus Saved Me

Kelly Dain


Ken Bushnell

A Brief Infatuation
Barney's Market
Burn Out on the Bubble Wrap Line
Easy Money at the Travelling Antique Show
Mole Exterminators
The End of the Road


A Poetic Journey of Love and Honor

Kenneth Aaron

Jordache Boy

Kevin B. Duxbury

For the Love of Clones
Love Knows No Boundaries
The Virgin Maria

Kim Knight

Cold Presence

Kirby Wright

Grandma on the Phone

Krista Jefferies


Lauren Gould

A 12 Year Old Girl Died Today

Lauren Heeke

The Train Tracks

Leigh Charest

Prologue to Unnamed Novel

Liam Brennan

Big Apple: Rotten to the Core
The Dark Ones
The Silent Inmate

Lindsay Alayne Cooper

I Can't Help Remembering

Little Nikita

Innocence of a Young Girl

Lizzie Keadan

Learning to Live

Lloyd Hudson Frye

Is There Anything Wrong Officer?
Billy Boy and Seabreeze

Lorna Bath

Hot Flash

Lorraine Zaleski

Silly Grandma

Loyal Wray

A Simple Man

Loyd David Burt

Thoughts in a Flickering Flame

M. James Lloyd


Mackenzie Domazet

Bun In The Oven

Margaret Marr

Every Time It Rains

Maria Reylan Garcia

Because we Bother
Love is not a crime
The Magic Pot

Mark E. Henry Sr.


Mark Kolar

Spring Break ’08!!!

Mark Sherrill

Another Morning

Mark Ward

First to Kodiak

Marko Lampas

Adriana - Chapter One
The Seductress

Marlicia Fernandez

Ana and the Artifact: Chapter 1
Animal Action
Glass Half Full
Hansel and Gretal: The Rest of the Story
Making Things Right

Marya Jabeen

The Bitter Truth

Max Hawkins

From Peak to Pit

Megan Estey

I'd Rather Eat Glass

Megan Lisay

A Spring Fling Kinda Thing

Meghan Donner

The Mark

Melissa Chin


Melissa DeMedio

To Find A Memory

Melissa Thompson

When the World Died

Mercile Duggan

My Grandmother’s Last Trip to the Outhouse

Merle Morris

The Garden

Michael A. Nielsen

Bart the Rat in 'One Scary Night'
The Pretty Horses
Universal Laws

Michael Buchanan


Michael Levy

Holding On To Illusions

Michael Russo

My Madorie

Mike Beville

Time Please

Mike Daly

The Jesuit


The Girl in the Rain

Min Velora

Grinning Skulls

Mira Minkova

Going Under The Rainbow

Mircea Pricãjan

Seven Lives

Morelle Smith

The Storeroom of Desires

Moushumi Chakrabarty

The Bravest Girl in the World

Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

A Man who was a Donkey

N. C. Wallace

The Summer of Sarah

Nan E. Fagan

A Romantic Anniversary Dinner In The Turbulent Sixties

Nancy Brar

Magic Hands
The Mountain Woman

Natasha Bayes

From One Innocent to Another

Nathan Hartswick

On the Road (But How'd It Get There?)
Party Purgatory

Nazanin Tajbakhsh

Fly With the Moon

Neeshant Srivastava

Divine Pigeon
Karma Yogi

Nichole Dunst


Nicole Starleigh Yeager

Queen Jack, the Humbled

Nick Sales

Who are you?

Nickolas J. Hoog

Like Time In The Petals Of A Passion Flower

Nik 091

Sam's Story


Death Of A Wizard


Barcelona 1938
Conjugal Rights
Descent Into the Maelstrom
Fur Elise
Goodbye Charlie Sparkler Commercial
In Here
Julia Merlin’s Recipe
Learning the Ropes
Life's Labyrinth
Lonesome Wolf
Nobody Says Thank You
Our Lady of Hope

Plaza de Toros
Recovery Room
Schwartz's Pawn Shop
Small George
The Children of Melot
The Cock-eyed Optometrist
The Eavesdropper
The End of the Week
The Fourth Generation
The Galaxy

The Last School Day
The Last Word
The Magic Tree
The Man by the Window
The Night Before Christmas
The Oracle
The Piano Player
The Queen’s Alternative
The Tall Story Hour
The Wall of Memory
Tompkins Pond
Turn Around, Frank. Look at Me.

Valentine's Day

Omar Couceiro II

Voyage of Independence

Omar L

Frozen Days - Episode 1

Ovidiu Bufnila

Foe Morning
Moreaugarin's Crusade
The Cardboard Sea

Pamela Tyree Griffin


Patrick Luce

The Prank

Paul Grimsley

Belief's Blinkers
Fate Moves Sideways
Feeling Like A Cheese Sandwich
The Dawn Fire
Writer Of The Universe

Peter Torre

Gate of Storms

Piper Davenport

An Average Woman’s Story
The Hotel Window
Three Different Ways to Tell a Lie

Pratikshya Mishra


Preston Bishop

Carnival Day For Ethan


R.A. Flynn

Vietnam Notes

R. H. Sarah

Don’t Look Back
Marriage, a Dilemma Chapter One
Marriage, a Dilemma Chapter Two
Marriage, a Dilemma Chapter Three
Marriage, a Dilemma Chapter Four

R. L. Walker

Seattle Rain

Rachel Marie Lemke

The Reward

Rachel S. Pankey

Massacre of the Fashion Dolls

Rachel R.


Rachelle Arlin Credo


Ramon Collins


Rattan Mann


Resham Bhojwani


Richard Lee Fulgham

The Bat With a Human Face: A Georgia Boy’s Memoir

Robert Levin

No Stars for the Eclipse

Robert Shackner

Nine To Five - Part One
Nine To Five - Part Two

Robert Taylor

Saluting the Aussies with Beer

Rod Stewart

Between the Lines
From a Distance
Lost Time
Howling Night
The Sky Shepherd
The Write Way

Ron Mwangaguhunga

The Lost Labyrinthine

Rush Weigelt

Dwight Gates

Rusty Broadspear

A Really Short Story
Dreams and Wishes
Light Night
Million To One
Pigeon Nights
Short Range Forecast
Spencer Church

Ryan Evans

A father, but not a father
To be Reborn

Ryan Broll

See You Soon

Saail Ehsan

The Labour Day
(Zinda Loag) People With The Zest of Life

Sandra S. Corona

A Million Dollar Room

Sarah Gold

Bright Orange Journal
Stuck on the Outside


Sahar Sabati

A Second Chance
Darkness falls


Let it be a dream

Schuylar March

The Alien Catastrophe
The Web Surfer

Sinister Urges

Fiamme Mortali

Spencer McDonald

A Socks Life

Stacy Mintzer Herlihy

How I Knew It Was Him

Stephanie L.

Unicorns Amaze the Heart

Stephen Collicoat

Little Boy Lost
Perfect Man
Peter's Story
The Counterfeit Man
The Great Callisto
The King of the Golden Trolls
The Meaning of Dreams
The Tale of the Greedy Goblin
Two Weeks Each Year
View From the Top
Youth in a Bottle

Steven Kaye

Alex and the Restaurant

Suzanne Tetrault

The Right Thing

Suzanne Tyson

Twisted Gossip

Tanvir Mohammed Abdul.

Caged Revenge

Theresa Cecilia Garcia

A Rainy Day in New York City Part One
A Rainy Day in New York City, The Airport Part Two
Body Modification
First Day On The Job
Goddess Dancing Manic Panic Off The Edge Of The World
The Cloak In The Storm
The Engagement

Theresa Allen

Baby Doll
Bus Tales
Never Never Land
Little Brat That Needs A Spanking

San Francisco Story Part I
San Francisco Story Part 2
San Francisco Story Part 3
San Francisco Story Part 4
San Francisco Story Part 5
San Francisco Story Part 6
San Francisco Story Part 7
San Francisco Story Part 8
San Francisco Story Part 9

Timothy Manassah

The End But Yet the Beginning

Todd Castetter

The Tale

Valerie Martin


Valerie N. Hunt

In Love

Virginia Walker

Afternoon Appointment

Whitney Hopewell

Death in Love


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