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I Want


Alice C. Bateman

I want my old face back, the one that I wore

Through love and through heartache

Through peace and through war


I want my old life back, the one that I liked

I lived it all day

Then lived it all night


I want to look forward, I need to look back

I need to look inward

To see what I lack


I'm trying and trying, and working so hard

I'm trying and trying

But still just a bard


I'd like my old body, the one that was thin

The one that I wasn't

Ashamed to be in


My slender old body, oh where have you gone?

I don't have any clothes now

Nothing to put on


But I am resourceful, so I can make do

And the shape of my body

Doesn't matter to You


You must think I'm ungrateful for this body of mine

It's just that it hurts me

All of the time


It pains me and stabs me then hurts me some more

I'm always and always

So stiff and so sore


But I am very thankful to be here on Earth

To watch all the people

To whom I gave birth


I love you, my children, you're my life and my soul

It's for you that I work

To accomplish my goals


So please just be patient when I'm preoccupied

I'm building our lives now

From the inside

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