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H. Diggory

Cold Hands

H. Nichols

Life's Lessons

H. O. Wells


Hae Won Park


Hannah Torres


Harold E Pruett


Harry Buschman

A Special Collection of 37 short stories
The Westlake Village Collection.

A Special Collection of 26 short stories
The Tenement Collection

2nd Soldier, 1st Clown
A Christmas Story
A Dog's Life
A little After October 23, 1929
About Time
A Fine Time to Die
A Full Deck
A Funny Thing Happened

A Little Love Music
A Man of Discretion
A Minor Miracle

A New Year for Hildy Mercer
A Picture to Remember
A Question of Values
A Sudden Stillness
A Single Life
A Vulgar Woman
Alice's Men
Ardsly and Lotte Chapter from "Westlake Village"
Aggies Ghost

Are You Sure You're Sick?

Ashes of Roses
Battersea Bridge
Bottoms Up
Breakfast in Milano
Breakwater Rocks
Broken Windows
Brother Godfinger
Burning Bridges
Charlie’s Night

Come Home Margaret
Days of Our Years - Part One
Days of Our Years - Part Two
Days of Our Years - Part Three
Days of Our Years - Part Four
Dearest Eliot
Doin’ the Westlake Block
Don’t Call Tonight
Down and Out
Dream Girl

Eva's Beads
Fine Points of Law
Fool on the Hill
For the Soul of Edward Dean Hazlitt
For These Thy Gifts
Formula One
Genesis 19
Givin' It To Rudy
God's Country
Going Around Again
Goodbye Randy Lovelock
Good Night Sweet Prince

Grandpa's Gardenias
Hamelin, PA
Harley, Aggie and the Bitch
Harry Tarr, Photographer
Hill and Bill
His Master's Voice
HMS Pinafore
Home Alone
House of Diamonds
House of Passion
I Am A Word Processor
I Can't Say ****
I Hardly Knew Him
I Love New York
Ignorant Armies
In Here
Incident in Muttontown

It Ain't Necessarily So

Jury Pool Junkie (a portrait)
Kissing Cousins
Kiss Me, Miss Erato
Knight's Move
Last Lunch With Lily
Letting George Do It
Life and Death in Venice
Life’s Labyrinth
Living Together

Lizardo, the Bog Man
Looking Ahead
Madama Butterfly
Martin Buber's Thing
Marvin’s Obsession
Memories of Grand-Pere
Merlin’s Recipe
Miracle of the Empress Diner
Miracle of the Birds
Molly’s Place
Mother's Day
My Dearest Susan
My Stories
My Way, Your Way

Never the Twain
No Black Haircut "Westlake Village"
No One Ever Tells You
Nothing Is Forever
Nude in the Window
Off the Square
Old Folks at Home

On the Kissing of Bella Shapiro
On the Other Hand
One Way Street
Our Fathers
Outside the Lines

Prom Night
Redondo Rose
Revenge of the Drop Cloth
River Run
Rocco’s Place
Role Playing
Sailing to Buffalo
Scattering Simon
Schmidt's Radio
Seeing New Jersey
Short One Teat
Single Word Prompt

So Much to Learn
Some Notes on Characterization
Son of Mehitabel
Starting Over
Sparrow’s Hand
St. Valentine's Day
Stretching It
Street of Dreams
Sunset Land

The Apple Orchard
The Accompanist.
The Augie
The Bed by the Window
The Beginning
The Bell and the Bride
The Bridge
The Bus to Bridgeport
The Chauvinist
The Confession
The Dangerous Summer
The Devil You Know
The Ecstasy and the Agony Part One - Steeplechase

The Ecstasy and the Agony Part Two - Bitter Rice
The Eden Musee
The Eye
The Fall of France
The Fire Inside
The Flood
The Girl in the Green Shawl
The Gwendolyne
The Hand Of The Master
The Innocents
The Interrupted Tryst

The Irresistible Force
The Italian Lesson
The Last Believer
The Last Intermission
The Last Supper
The Light Brown Suit
The Legend of the Aspen (An Indian Legend)
The Legend of the Little Beggar Boy
The Lord’s Press
The Lost Generation

The Love of Her Father
The Man By the Window
The Man I Was
The Man Who Couldn't Fly
The Man Who Married Lily Bart
The Merry Widower
The Modification
The Muse of Houston Street
The Name With No Man
The New CEO
The Ninth Candle - Novel Excerpt
The Piano
The Partner

The Passing of Willie Monahan - Part One - The Grievin'
The Passing of Willie Monahan - Part Two - The Layin' In

The Passing of Willie Monahan - Part Three - Odd Man In

The Poet Speaks
The Prisoner
The PS 9 Nine
The Rainbow Diner - Part One
The Rainbow Diner - Part Two
The Rainbow Diner - Part Three
The Merry Widower
The Proposal
The Real Thing

The Resurrection
The Road to Manhood
The Scarecrow
The Scroll
The Sentinel
The Spectator
The Television Set
The Tenants
The Third Door
The Top Floor
The Waiter

The Watchwoman
The Word From Whitney
The Zacharias Decision
Through the Looking Glass
Tomorrow’s Friday
Truth or Consequence
Turn Around, Frank. Look at Me - (Ofavon)
Turn Around, Frank. Look at Me.
Twin Beds
Two Hour Delay
Two T's in Watteau

Two Thousand Passions
Upon the Occasion of Our Punch and Judy Pageant
Uptown Saturday Night
Valentine's Day
View From the Fiction Shelf
Village Strawberry Festival
Walter Ciardi
Wanting to Believe
What Kind of German?

Wheat Field With Crows
When I Grow Up
Winning Tessie
Woody’s Epitaph
Your Life is in Your Wallet

Hazel Suitor

Mississippi In-Laws
You Gotta Prove Your Love To Me


I Would

Heather Brower

A Calming Force
A Truth For You
Biting My Tongue
Storm Lover

Drunken Stands

Heather Donovan

It's Only a Dream

Hebatullah Kalimee

The Way of Heart

Heidi H. Baker

Scientific Crap

Heidi Yang

Angel - Rewrite
An Angel's Tears
A Friend of a Goth Person
Falling Blood Stars
First Date
Flirting with Fire
Gotta Do It
I'm Grateful for My Friends

Jake's Dad Chapter One - Two
Jake's Dad Chapter Twelve
Pain Part 1
Pain Part 2
Pain Part 3
Rantings, Ravings and Religion
Thank You

The Car

The Cycle of Spring
The Phoenix Girl
The Problem
These Visions
Unforgettable Night
Untitled Work
You Left Me Here

Helen Garvey

Daddy's Love
Will You Be My Godfather

Henry Igbinedion

Africa Weeps
Beichuan 7.9
Benin Empire
June 21
Lest I forget
Ravages of a kingdom
Terra Firma
The brilliant dunces
The coming Rebirth
The storm
They perished
This night
Where Are Thy Prophets?


Hermella Yilma

My Dream is to become a Star


Higher Authority
Praising Me
What I Ask Of You

Howard Tooley

A Tiger's Love

Hristo Karastoyanov

Down On The Road To Hell

Huda Bamahriz

Finding Yourself

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