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The Moon Witch


Danny Kneip

Everyone knew what would occur if the baby didn’t hush up! A jitter here, a jitter there, and out of the terrible inky black sky would come the Moon Witch in all her ugliness and foulness to snatch up the baby and take it far away!

And all the apes knew it!

But the baby monkey had herself a rotten tooth and she cried and screamed and squealed and none of the monkeys had any answers. They just looked around at each other like a pack of really bamboozled baboons!

But one very cagey chimp, Lewis, had an idea of profound proportions, and for a chimp, that was pretty good.

He drew a crowd of elders together and presented his case, using a banana and a nut as props. “We know, for surely, the coming of the Moon Witch is unevidable. My plan, or scheme, is for when that mongrel goes for our young one there, we can drop a net on her and hold her down maybe until the baby feels better??”

And all the apes cheered and thought it was such a tremendously wild idea and the High Elder of the clan said Lewis should be rewarded with a kiss from the prettiest ape, who actually, sadly enough for Lewis, turned out to be Rodney.

So, as the baby cried her apey little head off, and as that tooth of hers nearly drove her to madness, to the point where she just wanted to hug someone to death, the blue sky suddenly turned awfully grey and murky, like a very scary place.

“Hey, that’s my home you be talkin’ about there!” screamed the witch as she rode down on her broomstick, her gown black as coal and tattered and filthy. But that’s how she liked it.

And on the ground, and in the trees, the apes and monkeys, absolutely riddled with a pulsing fear, could do nothing more than remain frozen in their spot! They just sat there, trembling at the sickening sight of the moon witch as she approached the very tree from which the wails of anguish rang.

And even Daddy and Mommy ape couldn’t stop the witch from doing her duty, as they were so scared. The cursed witch clunked her way up some steps and with her long boney arms, simply grabbed the baby monkey and ripped out that bad tooth with a pair of vice-grips and screamed, “NOW LET'S HAVE SOME QUIET DOWN HERE!!”

And she sailed right back up into the sky and vanished into the darkness.

The End

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