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Grandma on the Phone


Kirby Wright

Well hello, Mary, this is June. Itís been ages since we last talked. Would you like to go to lunch some time next week? Oh. I didnít know that about Harold. Where is the cancer? Oh, my. My goodness. That darn cancer of the liver. Thereís really nothing they can do for him? Imagine that, cancer of the liver. Iím so sorry. Now how has Barbara been feeling? Oh? You should send her to Doctor Kane. He does most of the hips and the knees. When I had my hip replaced, I prayed so hard and god really came through for me. Dr. Kane did the operation and what a relief. My hipís made of that real strong stuff, I think they call it tit, tit-tanium. Every time he took an X-ray he couldnít believe it, bone rubbing bone. I had one of the worst cases and I know it was because of the steroids. Those darn steroids go straight for the cartilage. Do one thing to help something and it destroys something else. Really? Did you take one every day? So the spots are gone now? Thatís wonderful. Now tell me about your new neighborís at Lolaís old house. Really? I donít even know our next door neighbors. Two doctors, a man and a woman with a little child. Theyíre Oriental. The whole streetís Oriental. See how things change? Are you sure you wouldnít be able to go to lunch some day? Oh, thatís okay. Well, do give my best to Barbara. Harold will be in my prayers. Yes. Goodbye.

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