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Bigfoot in The Bank


Daniel W. Kneip

The very idea of a Yeti working at a bank probably seemed quite insane, but Mrs. Teller, the branch manager of the Oakland Oaks National Bank, thought the Yeti gave an excellent interview, although she was slightly bemused by his references - one was a tree and the other was a hiker that the Yeti found and ate.

"But Id like to have a second interview," she thought, charmed, clearly, by the Yetis personality.

So two days later, and after repeated attempts at trying to contact him (she actually had to go to the woods and shout at the top of her voice, "Yeti, will you come back on Thursday for a second interview? Thank you!") the Yeti returned, this time with a red carnation in his chest hair. And that just about knocked Mrs. Teller right off her heels!

Now the second interview actually proved useless since Mrs. Teller already had it in her mind that she would just have to hire him.

"The second interview is merely policy," she told him, to which he responded in slurred speech, "Whats that."

But she told him to come on back first thing Monday morning, if he could, and begin work. He said okay and headed back to the woods.

And Mrs. Teller was just beaming! Everyone knew she must be in love or something with the eight-foot tall beast, but the truth was that Mrs. Teller was a pure businesswoman and if there was one thing she knew, it was that no other bank had a Yeti working there and people would come from over the hills to see him!

"And well get them all to open new accounts!" she laughed madly!

And so, Monday morning, it seems Yeti showed up extra early, as Yetis tend to do. Now the bank was still closed and the doors were well locked. So, not knowing any better, but eager to start work, Yeti tore the door open and walked into the bank.

Of course, the alarms blared and Yeti screamed and the police arrived and fearing for their hides, open fired and Yeti was, sadly, withdrawn from the bank in small bills.

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