Harry Buschman

The Westlake Village Collection

of Short Stories

1. Beginning 20. Going First Class
2. Ardsley and Lotte 21. Woody’s Epitaph
3. No Black Haircut 22. The Final Page
4. The 9th Candle 23. Loss of a Lady
5. Two Thousand Passions 24. The Hollow Leg Saloon
6. L’Chaim The Passing of Willie Monahan (In three parts)
7. American Legion Blues 25. The Grievin’ - Part 1.
8. Founding Father 26. The Layin’ In - Part 2.
9. The Last Believer 27. Odd Man In - Part 3.
10. Christ in the Snow 28. The Devil You Know
11. The Dickcissel 29. The Westlake Vanities
12. The 2nd Most Terrible Thing 30. Living Without Volume 19
13. The Poisoned Grapevine 31. Our Lady
14. Up From the Sandbox 32. No Business of Mine
15. The Dining Out Column Part 1 33. The Persistence of Memory
16. The Dining Out Column Sum Lum Duck Part 2 34. Another Spring
17. About Time 35. Doin’ the Westlake Block
18. The Wives of Pat Hogan 36. Independence Day
19. We Do Not Have Liftoff 37. Goodnight Westlake Village

Harry Buschman will be posting one more parts each week, take this time to get caught up on his writings.

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