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"Love is not a crime.."


Maria Reylan Garcia

Kathy Ronalds is a typical teen-ager, likes malling, loves band concerts, and adores all new-in-the-mood things. Her father left Kathy in an early age of two when he went abroad and settled for a living with his new family. Her mother, Kristen, had been sacrificing a lot, doing all the responsibilities fathers should do. Once when her father was still by their side, they were stable, but now they are in between poverty line. The problem is Kristen's mother did not told Kathy of their situation, she said that they are just saving up because they need to save for Kathy's college years. Kathy, who is unaware of the problem, feel confident enough to spend all she can, not knowing how hard her mother worked for her. She was an only child but in her purchases she was like dozen of children. Kristen did many jobs, a variety, from being a teller in the bank, a cashier in the store, a teacher and one time she even encountered being a sales lady. She sacrificed her career, her time, and her health for her beloved child. But still Kathy doesn't know, she thought her mother was sill financing and managing the business her grandfather left them, which in fact the business was sold to another stockholder. For many years Kathy did not know what happened, she continued living life to its fullest.

When she was about to graduate from high-school going to college, her mother was doubling her jobs to raise money to let Kathy go to school, even just in a government run school, a public school. One day Kathy and her friends talk over on where they would go to college, on what school they will be in. Many suggested that the Richsdon University was the bomb; it was very expensive there only millionaires can afford to go to school there. Kathy, who did not know the situation, told her friends that they'll be seeing her learning there in college, she said she would graduate there, she also said that going to a public school to graduate is a disgrace! When Kathy went home she told those Richsdon University things to her mom. Kathy said that she should go to school there, and only there, she will not graduate from any school but there. Kristen who happens to know the history of Richsdon, started to silently freak out, how on earth could she let her dear child go to school there, she has only saved enough for a public school university for her teen, she never knew that one day her daughter may that be aggressive in picking her school. What shall she do? This question is what she asks her self always, as the graduation of her daughter from high school grows nearer, the pressure and fright tries to gobble her up.

One night when Kristen was walking home from work, she saw a hideous scene, a masked person, trying to rob a store; he was carrying a gun, pointing it directly to the cashier. She was very afraid, so she hid somewhere where the robber would not see her. After the incident she went directly home, looking nervous. Then after a few realizations and idea pop up in Kristen's mind, "What if I do crime? It's a lot easier, and faster.. I'll do this for Kathy..!". Kristen I going to do crime, for her daughter's tuition fees in Richsdon, she thought of nothing more but that, she even thought that she'll fight even her very conscience for her own daughter. She wants the best for her Kathy.

Days passed and many crimes committed by our Kristen. She was a drug lord, a robber and a kidnapper. But the advantage is she got lots of money, more than enough to pay for Kathy's tuition in Richsdon University. Kathy did not realize that her mother was turning into a criminal just for her to go to that expensive school she was thinking of. Kristen saved and deposited all the money she stolen to Kathy's name in the bank, she thought that if she ever get caught, Kathy would have something to spend for her school, and to finish her college and then live a normal life, a relaxing life. Kristen never thought of her safety, she just thought of her Kathy's future, she wants everything good for Kathy.

One gloomy day, Police came into the house of Kristen and Kathy; Kathy was at school she will be home late for she had practice for her graduation. The police came and got Kristen and put her to jail, but Kristen told the police to hold a minute for she will write something for Kathy. After scribbling a note in a pad, she followed to the police station and was behind bars.

When Kathy got home that night, she was looking for her mom, she looked everywhere in the house and at last she found a note beside her bankbook. The note said "Kathy, my dear. I will be leaving. I'm going to go somewhere to improve our business. I'll arrive soon. I hope. Take care of yourself, here's your bankbook.. If you need money for school get it there.. Okay? I love you.. -Mom". Kathy just said "hmmppp" and went to bed. While her mother was in court facing a serious case, and because Kristen has no money left, she could not provide herself a good lawyer, so she was sentence to electric chair. It gave Kristen's heart a leap after she heard she'd be sentenced to death.. But even though she'll be gone, at least her child, Kathy, doesn't know anything and has money for her life.

On the day of her penalty, the judge told her, "Is there any last wish?" and Kristen hurriedly told the judge "Don't let my child Kathy, know about this.. Okay? Please.. I beg you don't.. I want her to live life as to her fullest..." The judge then nodded and turned the electric chair on and Kristen gasped her last breath saying "Kathy... sorry"

Kathy is now on her first year in college in Richsdon University, thinking that her mom will come back soon, thinking that she'll feel her hugs and kisses again. But she doesn't know that her mom is by her side guiding her to the right path, not as a person but as a loving memory..

The End

Story By: Maria Reylan Garcia,13 years old

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