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Grinning Skulls


Min Velora

"I love you baby..."

"Unngh... huh?"

A gentle smile lifted her lips, "Nothing. Go back to sleep."

The content moan he let out became muffled by the pillow he turned against. Little angular shadows played along his profile as she watched him sleep, the lilting note of a snore beginning to grow somewhere within his throat. A scent of cigarettes and perfume clung to the sheets tenaciously, both unwilling to relinquish the air to the other.

Chest rising and falling, he slept without worry, a tiny smile coiled peacefully in the corners of his mouth. No lines of worry had yet etched themselves upon his ivory countenance, leaving him a picturesque beauty in a land full of grizzled masculinity. Hesitation swelled in the still night air, pulling at her fingers and her lips until she sat up in worried confusion.

Winding her fingers deep into his hair, her eyes ran over his form yet again, a deeply sensual action full of desire, full of thick memories that had long since faded into neat crisscross scars. Winding her soul deep into his hands, she felt the riveting excitement of passion and trust against her spine like warm palms, pressing slowly up to her throat and making her sigh softly.

The pressure moved to her throat, down across her collarbones, then quickly to her lips though when her eyes opened there was nothing touched to their puckered surface. Sleeping, sleeping, her lover was fixated in a world of dreams. Awake, alive, she was fixated in a world of dreams. Secrectively enjoying the feel of that phantom hand, she lay herself down against the side of her darling and shut her eyes.

A hand clutched her hair, circled her lips, dipped down the slope of her chest to press roughly at her breasts. Sore and swollen, she let forth a little whimper and pulled away, though the fingers only followed. Tighter they clamped, then slid smoothly back to her twisting neck where they stayed, pinching down the throbbing arteries and cutting off her throat.

"Baby.... wake up." her voice was low and hoarse as she gently shook the form before her, frightened by the ferocity of her own fantasies. Even when she opened her eyes the horrible pleasure did not cease.

More grunts of dismay followed before finally he stirred from the depths of slumber, his eyes sore and red. "What is it?"

Panic was quickly rising, rapidly replacing the cool, dignified grace she had been so content in just a moment ago. Helpless! Victimized! Raped! Vile hands touching... "I- I don't know. Help me...."

Those were the only words she could manage before the grip of the unreality tightened and tensed, dragging her down somewhere between the world and unconsciousness. Purgatory of the mind, purge thyself of all thine worldly impurities. Choke! Breath comes shorter, the eyes widen like a frightened cat, the tongue swells and fills up the mouth while the lips pucker and grimace like a fish trying to process oxygen.

Sinking fast, she reached a hand out for him, fearing that death may seize her before she could really explain herself, before her words came together in a final pinnacle of affection that would once and for all shed light on the volume of that appreciation. The world was fading, *he* was fading, fast retreating from her reach as though she were being pulled down a well of despair, deeper into a darkness to which he was the only exit.

Yet, somehow, he managed to catch her, shake her free of the illusions that were so quickly building up around her vision. "Hey! What's wrong? Are you alright?"

Chills ran over her spine like skeletal fingers, a sordid sort of pleasure. "I love you."

Worry was creasing his marble flesh, crumpling him like paper until the gorgeous canvas of his features was made unsavory with woe. Anguish drove his brows together, dug deep lines all around as he winced. "I love you, too."

That malignant force within her was still holding fast, refusing to release her to the world she had never quite understood to begin with. Her last burst of freedom and energy came to this hissed request, "Come with me."

It was obvious that the entreaty was cryptic, too simplistic for the volumes of risk and danger that they hid. Still, he nodded in accord, willing to lay any part of himself on whatever line presented for the sake of her well being. Loyalty had never been so threaded in flesh, as though the two of them had sewn their hearts together with black ribbons and left them to grow together, graft the flesh like siamese twins.

Slender hands reached forward to cradle his face, to give a final caress as the world fizzled to black. Sadly, the flesh of his face gave way and slid off just like the skin of a well cooked turkey, though significantly less delicious. In the breadth of an instant, his muscles had rotted away to the bone, leaving a grinning skull as her closest confidant. Bleach white as his rarely discovered thighs, the skull gleamed for a moment.

Knowing that he would be wherever she ended up, waiting to greet her and comfort her startled mind as together they discovered death, she relinquished control and fell willingly into the deep abyss of wretched lifeless sleep. Smiling faces without skin, bodies without proper heads, their corpses embraced with love in every limp gesticulation.

Till death do us part? Past death are we bound.

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