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Rod Stewart

It is a delicate affair. On again, off again over the rolling years. To be honest, I truly don't know what keeps us together. Most likely it's a habitual relationship with one another, moving through our shared days with cursory nonchalance. Comfortably addicted to our mutual convenience.

She is always there when I need her. Never more than an arm's length away. I love to hold her for hours and hours. Tightly. Until the sweat runs freely over our melded skin. She presses deeply into my flesh. Imprinting her desire. It is a turbid intercourse. With the words pouring from the tip of her lip like smudged ecstatic moans of a tripping addict. They are scribbles in the shadows. Largely undecipherable explicatives ejaculating from unleashed wildness. In my hands she is a formidable carnal creature. Unpredictable. And feverously infectious. And even though she would never call my name, I would need to have my way with her. Too often.

Admittedly I am an overbearing bastard. For hours or days she lays there neglected and speechless. Cold, stiff and unforgiving no matter how I stroke her or coo false affection. Cradling her numbness between my fingers. A half hearted twirl to coax a cracking lame smile. Her rebuttal is a tap, tap on my furrowed forehead ground to sound for sanity.

The answers sputter eventually in one form or another. And I question if they are genuinely hers. Because the only time she speaks to me is when my voice touches her. Saying the thoughts that I would want her to.

I know that she has a brain of her own. And I have seen her speak with forceful vigor on her own merit. But my presence contaminates her nature. She toyfully saunters as my puppet. Waiting for me to guide her intentions through every moment step.

I don't love her. I don't hate her. But I will never understand her as long as I shall write.

This is a truly peculiar marriage with Miss Precious Pen. But these are my feelings, my story and my life.

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