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B. Hopewell

My name is Allison, but everybody calls me Allie. I just turned 7 yesterday. Mom says that means Iím not a little girl now. I like being a big girl. Mom said she was tired and had to go to sleep. I donít like the dark and itís really dark. Mom said that if I was scared I should just think of good things until I fall asleep.

I have a hamster named Charlie, he is really fat. He stays up all night running in his wheel. Mom says if I take good care of him that I can have a puppy soon. Grandma got me a new dress for my birthday and I wore it today. Mom fixed my hair just like hers and even put blush on me to make me look grown up.

Today was our special day. Mom took me to work with her. I got to ride on the subway for the first time. They go really fast and there are lots of people on them. I got to meet all the people she works with and her friend Shari showed me how to make pictures on her computer. Mom let me look out the windows. The people looked like little ants.

Something happened today, but I donít really know what it was. We heard a really loud noise and people started running around. They were talking about an airplane, but I donít know why. Firemen came in and told us we had to leave really fast. One of them picked me up and carried me. He told mom we had to take the stairs. He told me we would be ok and said he wanted me to wear his fireman hat. It was really big on my head.

We almost made it all the way out but I think the stairs fell down. Itís really dark. I think the fireman is sleeping too. I hope Charlie will be ok. Well, I feel tired; I guess I should sleep too.

Never forget 9/11

B. Hopewell 8/28/04

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