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The Penny


Daniel W. Kneip

Momma always used to say, "Find a penny pick it up, with your heart, give it love and in return you're sure to see your penny grow into a money tree!"

And it wasn't long before I DID find a penny out in the middle of nowhere - almost made me wonder who in the world would have lost it out there, but I can't waste my time thinkin' about silly things like that! I got a penny what needs lovin'!

So I took my penny home and first of all gave it a hug. Then I blew it a kiss cuz I never want to put my lips on nothin' that's been in the street. I ain't so stupid as you're thinkin'!

Next, I dig a nice round hole in my backyard - just big enough for a penny. And I puts my penny in there, gives it a hearty goodbye and I cover that bad boy back up.

Now I bet my Momma would say, "Sceeter, you hardly gave that little guy any love!" and she'd be right, ya know! But I got bill collectors comin' out my ears and I need money right quick! And I'm bettin' that penny brings me just the luck I'm lookin' for.

And just a week later, no more, no less, I looked out the window and saw something really amazing in the garden. Right where I planted that penny, a sprig or something was coming up.

Then a knock at the door came - and I knew that was the bill collectors so I yelled at them, "Just give me about another month and you're all gonna get yer daggone money, by golly!"

But the knocking on the door didn't stop and it didn't go away. It went on day and night. Crazy bill collectors! Craziest ever!

Then on the twelfth night, I couldn't sleep so I went to the window to be relieved by the sight of my penny tree. But do you know what? There was someone out there standing next to it!

I rushed over there and saw it was a bill collector and he looked at me and said, "I think it's gonna be a real nice tree!" And then he confiscated it and ran!

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