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Silver Diamonds


Jerry Vilhotti

What the mother would do for her favorite son Leny One N, the n was lost from his name the day he killed to death the eggs of a bird on the sands of Orchard Beach because the breeze was not carrying his name from his mother's lips since she was busy giving her nipple to the last born Johnny with the blond curly hair whom he would hate for the rest of his life, was to cover his body with a wool blanket full of holes.

The doctor told the mother in his most somber way, hoping to get even more money from these poor dying of hunger people, that her eight year old Leny was afflicted with rheumatic fever and could die at any second. She even tried to spread her sweater over all of him to make him whole. A man who would become controlled; the opposite of his father. Leny grew better and was able to go out shining shoes to bring home many coins; filling her hands with silver and making her eyes sparkle like diamonds.

Leny took to taking other people's money; thinking this was what a man was to do and as he grew older she visited him in four of the six penal institutions he would pay in time after getting caught and then lastly a forty-one year old Leny in the Lewisburg Federal Reservation when her eyes were beginning to fade and then she died hundreds of miles away from him.

He tried to remember himself as he once looked in his mother's eyes. He saw shadows inside of darkness.

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