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"Because we Bother"


Maria Reylan Garcia

"Friends Forever" that’s the promise every best friends have for each other. Michaela and Rose have the same promise for each other too. These two best friends have been friends for about the time when they were still in the womb of their mothers. Michaela Robinson comes from a very wealthy family; she could have everything she wanted, new clothes, shoes and toys. That is why she became a spoiled brat, whenever her need was not heard she would cry loudly and unmistakably unpleasant. Rosemarie Park on the other hand comes from a middle-class family, even though their money is not enough for her miscellaneous needs like new shoes, clothes and toys, she never complained. Instead Rosemarie was thankful and very contented. Rosemarie always have a hard time with her friend Michaela, but still she was very patient, she just follows what her friend wants and likes.

When they were in their elementary life, their friendship grew even stronger for they were classmates all the time. Michaela was not focusing in her studies; instead she was after playing and having fun. Rosemarie on the other hand is a very responsible and intelligent pupil, she was always set up as a model in their classroom, Michaela never bothered. Sometimes, because of Michaela’s laziness, she let Rosemarie do all her assignment and projects for her. Rosemarie never complained and still did the things Michaela wants her to do, even if it was unjustifiable in her side. Their parents never knew what was happening, the two friends decided to keep it as a secret, never to let anyone know, because Michaela would be in big trouble and their friendship will be at stake.

Years passed and time for them to be high-school students. The same things happened when they were elementary, except that Michaela’s focus was not on playing but on boys. Rosemarie on the other hand vowed to herself that she would never have any relationships before she could have a stable job. Michaela on the other hand has a very long list of boyfriends she had laid her hands on. One day in their classroom, it was the giving of report cards and undoubtedly Rosemarie got all A’s in her subjects and her skills. Michaela on the other hand passed in her academics but failed in her characters. Even if she did passed in her academics, it was still 70% of Rosemarie’s hardships and works. Michaela never bothered, she is very confident because her family is very wealthy and she will still have a very aspiring future ahead. Rosemarie was very worried for her friend’s situation, she tried talking and helping, but Michaela seems to listen in her left ear and let it pass out through her right ear. Michaela never bothered about what will be for her, but her friend did.

Before they could graduate in high-school Rosemarie talked with Michaela, telling her that they might not see each other for a long time, because Rosemarie was the exchange student of their school to their sister school in London. Michaela, felt a little fright, not because she will not have her friend by her side, but because she will not have anyone to do her assignments, projects and other reports she hated to do. But, again she never bothered; she thinks that there are many people in the world she can pay to do her assignments and projects for her. On the day of their Graduation, Rosemarie gave something to Michaela, a boxed-shaped gift, which is wrapped in a red gift wrapper. Rosemarie became their valedictorian, while Michaela just graduated. After their graduation, they bid good-bye to each other, Rosemarie was crying very hard, she really bothered and was concerned of her friend, but Michaela on the other never bothered. When night came and Michaela was home, she went up to her room and fixed her things, until she came to hold the gift her friend gave her. She opened it and found inside the box scrolled paper, she took it and it read. "To my best friend, I hope with all that I did for you, I hope just even a second you had bothered" And even if you didn’t there is something I need you to know.. In every breath I take in my life, you will always be the person; I’ll be bothered on.. in all the things you do or think... "Michaela returned the paper into the box, and put it inside her drawer. For the first time in her life, she wiped her tears and bothered.

From then on, Michaela became a good college student she was very determined and always bothered; and she even set aside relationships and placed it when she has a stable job. And soon she became a business management graduate, cum laude of her university. When she graduated her father gave her their very big business for her to run all by herself. Rosemarie on the other hand was one of the best students of the best school in London; in fact she also graduated as a business management graduate, summa cum laude. Later on, after a few savings, she began starting her own small business enterprise in London, which a little later on again, became one of London and the World’s best business organizations.

Not knowing one day that the two big and successful business companies of two friends would merge as one. When the day of the meeting of the two World’s most successful business person’s arrived, the tension on both them arose, not knowing who will they be joining forces with. When each sat on the conference table, Rosemarie on the far end as well as Michaela, don’t seem to recognize each other because of the distance. But when both of them introduce themselves in front of the committee, the two just started crying. Never did they know one day, their friendship would have another chance.

They hugged and everybody in the room, confused, but clapped, seemed to at least get the point. Michaela, said sorry to Rosemarie, for all the things she had done, for all the sufferings she had made Rosemarie experienced. Rosemarie jumped for joy, not only because she met her friend again, but because she knew her friend bothered, just like what she dreamt of. The two of them spent the rest of their days, managing the successful, and merged-with-friendship business organization. Like in fairy tales they lived happily ever after, together with their loving husbands and children.

But it seems that every business company in the world has mottos.. right? Guess what the RM Incorporated motto is? "RM Incorporated; Because we bother..."

The End

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