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Drenched in Love


Brian Peters

It was just past noon on a thoroughly superb spring day. Earlier, the sky was a lucent blue; a warm breeze enfolded us like a motherís embrace. Now, gray clouds threatened, their edges glowing neon yellow, swollen with impending rain. In the stillness of the pines, my wife and I caught the faint medley of green odors rising from the forest floor. We stood and waited. The fragrant rain overwhelmed us.

The only sounds under our treed umbrella were the taps of rain beating the path and hammering the leaves. Thunder rolled, faded then cracked with a deep rumble. The intoxicating aroma of sweet water meeting the parched land, smelled rich and moist. My thoughts brought past fantasies anew to my clogged mind.

It was in another time when our youth was ignorant and our love was bliss. Innumerable drops fell out of the darkened sky from an unknown source, a generous donator. We kissed under its benevolence. Each drop held an astounding spectrum of wet secrets from above. And each time it hit the earth - a puddle got bigger, an umbrella got wetter and as a giddy couple, we fell deeper in love.

We opened our mouths like kids to collect it inside and gulp it down all at once, feeling it cleanse our bodies, inside and out. The cool water chilled our teeth and awakened our tongues. The rains always enveloped unforgettable moments for us and sealed it with its sweet scent.

I could say we met when it was raining; that we folded our gaily colored umbrellas and frolicked in the puddles like innocents, but it would be a lie. We met on a clear sunny day, fell in love on a velvety purple night and married among the gold's and reds of autumn.

But we will always have romantic connections with the rain. On stormy nights it filled our hearts with romance as we gazed into the heavens and wondered our course. We watched as leadened sheets of rain pelted the windows and the silence stretched the night until lightening ripped it with such brilliance as to turn night to day. Those nights unfolded with unbridled passion in front of an open fire as our bodies glistened in the flames.

She never asked me if love was forever or if we would always be together. In my mind love is like the rain. It comes from nowhere, it lands with its own sweet poise and it ends up somewhere. For few, it reaches the gutters - for others, it makes the oceans and becomes infinite. And we only had to love to find our answer.

And we did. We loved like there was no forever. It was just now. And it was just her and I. Each day we loved like that heavy cloud that showered us with all its joy before disappearing into the sky.

The rain stopped as sudden as it started. Sunlight glinted white on the wet grass and danced on rain washed leaves. I turned to her and kissed a remaining raindrop from her nose. With a coy smile stretched across my face, I gestured to a small pool of water. Fingers intertwined, we leapt at the same time.

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