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A 12 Year Old Girl Died Today


Lauren Gould

When I first saw Rose Brown, it was on the first day of preschool. She was sitting in a corner by herself playing, and then some bullies came along and started hitting her. She didn't seem to see them; she just looked up and away from them. She did that a lot, sometimes I thought she living in a world all to her own. Were there were no bullies, and no worries. I now regret not going over and stopping the bullies, and I guess I always will.

If I think about it for a while I can't think of why I didn't like her that much, to go and stop it. No one liked her, that much. She was nice all right, and got good enough grades on her report card. And over all she was pretty, not beautiful, but good enough. But I guess the real reason is, she never talked to us so we never talked to her

Rose and I when always in the same class in school, and she would always sit by herself, in the corner. Rose was picked on a lot of the time and she always came in with some kind of ingrain. That day, in preschool, like many others over the years, she had a black eye. I think we all know, in our harts at less, that some thing was not right with her life. I guess we thought she had a nasty brother or something like that, but no one asked.

Then came a day, in the seventh grade, when for the first time, Rose was not in class. We all know, but no one said it, that there was something wrong, Rose was always in class, even if she was sick, or hurt. Its not like she loved school or anything, I think she just needed a place to go. When she was not there the next day, and the next, we all worried, just not out loud. But no one went to see if she was OK, sometimes I think no one cared if she lived or died. I didn't go either, and that is something I know will hunt me for the rest of my life.

It didn't matter thought, it was to late, one week later the class learn Rose had been murdered by her father, she had been abused all her life and we had never know. We had never wanted to know, and even if we had, I think no one would have cared, that much. Rose's father was sent to jail and that was the end of it, no one ever talked about Rose again, no one cared.

I will always feel guilty for not seeing it and not saving her from the bullies, but I guess I am just like everyone else, only caring because they know they will feel guilty. No one really cares that she is died; she meant nothing to anyone. A 12-year-old girl died today, said the highlight in the newspaper, and that's the end of the story.

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