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Don’t Look Back


R. H. Sarah

        I knew it! I knew this well that I was being followed. My instincts never made a fool out of me and I was confident enough of that fact. I was travelling in the train, but somebody was x-raying my body and the eyes travelled down my spine, that sent a shiver to the cord. Who could it be? Was he somebody I knew? I was scared to even find an answer for these questions. I casually turned back; just to see any suspicious face. It would bring some satisfaction to my heart, at least for a while. At least till the time I am at Susie’s place. Susie is my best friend and too close to me. We had an expedition together and planned out all the wild things to do for tonight.

        The train came to a smooth halt and I came out, for the last time, I again looked behind me, to see somebody eyeing me, but I couldn’t find anybody. I walked out of the station and headed straight to Susie’s place. Their house was outside the main city. A quiet place, especially because, Mr Marathon, Susie’s father wanted it that way. But, it was after two years that he died and there was no valid reason of his sudden death. A few people declared that it was Susie’s mother, who killed him, because Mr Marathon misbehaved with her all the time. I didn’t know the truth, but since then Susie wasn’t in talking terms with her mother and so was Brendan, her brother, who studied with us. The rehabilitation centre took in Brendan, after he killed his mother, when he was 15. He came back “Fully cured” (according to Susie), but still he was a crack vase to me.

        I turned to left and kept walking. My heels tapped on and I liked the sound, it seemed very professional. But it was accompanied by other knock and I felt it sounded more dangerous. I was being followed again!!! I didn’t dared to turn back and see my chaser, the road itself was lonely and I walked a little fast and when I heard the same rhythm from behind, I took over to running. He was still in a row behind me, still following me in the same pace. I crossed the road and went to the other side and still ran fanatically. As I reached further, I saw the crowd, the world was alive and I wasn’t alone. I ran into them and then turned back to see my follower, but he wasn’t nowhere.

“Hey Adie”, called out a voice behind me and I turned around and found Susie with groceries.

“Hey man how you doin?” she asked as we walked together.

“I am being followed by somebody”, I sounded stupid, but I had to tell her this.

“Ohhh, man really, how come you get lucky all the time?”

“Oh shut up, I am not…I am not at all fine”, I said realising how exhausted I was, after I ran and my heels ached badly, since I wore heels too.

“There we are, home sweet home”, said Susie, as we reached her house, she let me in first and then she came behind me.

I was given a fine relaxing therapy of my feet and I could feel myself all relaxed.

“ I think it may be Thomas”, said Susie, as she did the beds.

“Thomas? Thomas who?” I asked, but I hated to talk about it.

“Duh…The guy, who’s playing your Romeo in the play. Hey when are you goin to rehearsals?”

“Tomorrow, Thomas and I have got the first rehearsals to do. He’s pretty bad as a Romeo”, I said, as I thought of the play of Romeo and Juliet.

Thomas was to play my Romeo. But he had very little guts for following me. He had no guts at all.

“Hey Adeline, wassup, dude?” asked Brenden, who got his high spiked hair done in red. He was real weirdo.

“Hey Brendan, nothing”, I was least interested talking to him; I didn’t liked him at all. He was not like me or like Susie; he was like…like Brendan, the weirdo dude.
Soon, I got so involved in talking and chatting and playing around, that I almost forgot everything about the evening’s dreadful happenings.

        The next morning, Susie and I left for college together. Since it was Monday, it was a little hectic, but not boring. I had to stay back for my rehearsals, Susie had left and I headed for the theatre hall. As I opened the doors of the hall, it was too silent and very dark. I entered in and my eyes took a while adjusting to the darkness. I could see a man, whose back showed towards me and was facing the stage. I didn’t know who he was, but still I called out, “Ah… Excuse me”. I climbed down the big stairs, to head towards him and walked slowly and slowly. I saw the side of his face and then, with a jolt of his neck, he saw me. I screamed out loud. I knew this man!! I knew him so very well; he was the one who followed me around everywhere. I looked at him and ran towards the door, I turned back, just to see if he followed me or not. But, he disappeared, I couldn’t take chances, it was good if I left the hall and come in with everyone. I turned towards the door and suddenly, I saw somebody standing in front of me. I yelled out with fear and alarm.

“Jesus, its only me, Brendan,” said the man as I saw his face. Yes it was Brendan, with his new pierced eyebrows and nose.

“Oh Brendan, I-I-I, what are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Oh I came here for the auditions, I could get some part for the play. I don’t mind being a sweeper”, he said rather coolly, as he sat in one of the seats.

“I thought somebody was here”.

“Yup, I am there”, he said coolly.

“No, I meant somebody, who was trying to follow me was here”.

“Yup, I am there”, he said as he shook his legs with impatience and after a short while, he jumped on his feet and looked at me.

“ I want to kill ya”, said Brendan with an ease of dialogue. I tried to laugh, I knew that his jokes were sick, but it was the sickest at this point of time.

“Shuddup”, I said and then I walked towards the door and held the knob to open it, it didn’t barge an inch. I tried it again and still, it was like it was sort of stuck or…or it was locked—deliberately. I turned to him fanatically and saw him. He was trying to take out the dirt from his nails with a knife.

“ It won’t open. I locked it”, said Brendan

“Open it”, I said though I was scared, I knew I had to show some boldness in front of him.

“Na, I can’t do that. It’s against my rules and my rules are never meant to be broken”, he said and his Dr Lector Cannibal look- alike eyes pierced in to mine like a psychopath. He lifted his hand up and then with a sudden swing he brought it to my heart, when suddenly he moved back with a force and he went flat on his back. I saw the same man, whom I suspected to be the culprit, hit him hard enough to knock him down. He tried a few more fists on Brendan, till he lay flat, almost unconscious of his own awareness. The man turned towards me and I still was in the same position of fear and shiver.

“Who are you?” I felt, I couldn’t talk properly at all.

“ I am inspector Jones, Mr Brendan Marathon is a dangerous person, he wasn’t fully cured, but instead he killed his doctor and stored him in a freezer. For a while, we didn’t know where the doctor was, until we discovered his body. We had to keep an eye on you, Miss Kurian and we had to follow you, because we felt you could be his next victim, since the time you once slapped him”, the man said coolly. I smiled at him like an idiot and fainted.

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