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Cinnamon Brown

(part 2)

Kevin looked at me as if I had done something wrong. I did not know where to start so I started with questions I took a deep breath and said " How long has this been going on" Kevin looked at the palms of his hands a trait that he picked up from me anytime that I am nervous or upset I look at the palms of my hands as if the resolutions to all of my problems were written on my life line.

I knew he was trying to think of what to say to make him seem like a victim but I was not feeling him at all he was transparent and I could see through his BS. I raised my voice not much but enough to get his attention" How long Kevin" He finally lifted his head and looked past me because he was about to lie and did not want to look me in my eyes and tell it.. " 6 months but it was just fun and games please don't leave me Naomi I need you Tisha is crazy I told her it was over weeks ago and she won't let go" . I laughed really hard so hard I almost started to cry I picked up the glass next to me on the counter tempted to throw it at him but decided against it only because I have neighbors.

" You mean to tell me you cheated on me told this girl God only knows what about our relationship and then you tried to dump her all this without me ever finding out you must really think your ish don't stink" I jumped off the counter Kevin backed up I walked past him he yelled my name. I went to my bedroom a place were we had been intimate a place were we had declared our love for each other a room that was once sacred now felt so dirty and cold there was no longer the warmth of love and dedication only the coldness of betrayal and deception. Just stepping in the room made me quiver I wondered if she had ever been in my house when I was away in North Carolina visiting my mom or in California on business. I threw on some sweats and my Syracuse sweatshirt laced up my Timberlands and headed towards the front door.

I needed air I felt like I was suffocating Kevin stopped me at the door " Where are you going lets talk about this Naomi we have too much time invested" I pushed him aside and said" I am going anywhere that you aren't and when I get back I want you to only be a memory." I jumped in my Explorer picked up my cell phone called in work saying I had to go out of town family emergency said I would be back in 2 or 3 days. Then I called my girl Tia in Syracuse told her I would be there in a few hours with that I tossed my cell out of the window of my car .. I 'll get a new one I thought I do not need his sorry behind calling me. That day I thought I had my situation under control I thought I had handle on everything..

Part 3

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