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The Fourth Generation



So? The experiment vas a success, no? It took long enough already, Ja? Vat can I say, Rome, built in vun day it vas not -- or maybe two even.

But the fourth generation Frankenstein. Ja! Dot vas the lucky number. How many monsters down the drain I donít remember yet, but it vas plenty dotís for sure. The equipment in those days vas not like you see here, right? Over in the back if you look you can see the cryogenics chambers, up front is the electron microscope -- it donít come cheap for sure ... and the computers! Ja, I almost forget to turn them off. Vell, it donít matter none -- Gottsedanke!

The parts he donít take from the dead no more. His great grandfather, (und vat a ghoul he vas). Him and the little hunchback In and out of the cemeteries with the wheelbarrow and the shovels. Vat can you expect? The parts donít match so good -- the first one had two left feet. The brain vould have been okay, but the dumbkopf puts it in backwards. I repeat, vat can you expect from a no brainer like dott already?

But this time, ha? Everything like clockwork. Everything made to order, from scratch, nothing off the shelf - DNA matched - color coded - grain oriented. You should have seen the old professorís eyes ven ve turned the switch! Ach, like a man possessed, he shouted, "Heís alive! Alive!! The Son-Of-A-Bitch is alive!!!

Yah, Ill say alive ... let me tell you, vithin a veek heís on the Republican ticket running for Governor of California. He shakes your hand, you donít say no to him baby -- otherwise itís hasta la vista.

And a cushy job for the professor too, right? You bet right! Surgeon General dottís vat! Every nickel of Federal Medicare funds passing through the hands of Doctor Frankenstein - some of them schtick, no? Nothing is perfect.

Dott leaves me -- Igor. I get to clean up the place. There is a saying in the old country, (Transylvania that is) that ven you know vat hits the fan, it is not distributed evenly.

The End

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