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The Thievin Parrot


Daniel W. Kneip

A terrible fog, murky and sulking, rolled over the still ocean top. There were all hands on deck and the giant pirate ship seemed to be rocking itself to sleep. But only the worst nightmares were setting sail.

The captain, a fierce old lad named Taylor Maylor Button-nose, stood about five feet tall and he was the meanest son-of-a-whistle on the whole sea!

He actually had two wooden legs and a corn cob pipe and the prettiest green eyes that really did charm most fish right out of them waters.

But this is about a parrot - a very naughty parrot who was caught, red-winged, trying to take a few items from the captainís own treasure-me-chest! And that was a huge no-no!

"I was only lookiní for a snack or a morsel," squawked the bird after being tied to a post and tickled!

Captain Button-nose was fuming at the very thought of a traitor on board! And furthermore, for the traitor to be his own parrot was, in the captainís own words, "somethiní that shivers me whiskers!"

And there was only one thing do to with traitors.

"Ye shall walk yer skinny bird legs across the plank to yer own doomsday!" screamed Captain Button-nose and all the mates cheered something wonderful!

So the parrot, once green, now white with fright, took the plank. A nudge from a sword made the bird sashay two more steps closer to the edge!

Such torment for a bird! "Iíve been loyal, Captain!" cried the bird and the Captain fumed before yelling, "We should eat yer bloody head fer dinner ye scavenger! Tryiní to loot me own prizes, will ya?"

All hope was lost for the bird, it seemed, until he remembered, after all, he WAS a bird and he could fly and thatís exactly what he did! He flew high in the sky, away from the ship and itís stunned crew. And even Captain Button-nose was baffled and he shook his hook in dismay!

Then the bird flew off to a really nice island and lived in a banana tree and told all the native monkeys stories about the seven seas!

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