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It Will


Jolanta Gradowicz

Laura finished bustling and dreamed to sit down comfortably with a cup of tea to end the last chapter of the book she began to read last weekend. As soon as she put the kettle on, her son entered the kitchen.

“Mom, come to my room and read me a fairy tale” her six-year-old son seemed to be bored.

Laura thought with little regret of the nice, free while with the book in hand, but she stroked gently the kid’s head and smiled at him. “All right! Let’s go!”

The boy settled himself on his mother’s knees, fidgeting impatiently. Laura read the first page of a colorful book, and then she did the other one, and the other, but her son’s thoughts were somewhere else… She lowered her voice and stopped reading at last. She remained silent, observing her child.

The boy sat silently, being nestled in her arms. The sudden change of his mood was puzzling, but Laura only gave him a cuddle and was rocking him rhythmically.

“Mummy,” he spoke suddenly, “Will it be possible for me to visit our whole country when I am an adult?”

“It will, of course,” Laura answered. “You will see the most interesting places in our country. You’ll see our mountains along one border, and the sea along the other one. And you’ll see our capital with a monument of a little insurgent who fought against enemies, though he was only a bit older than you are now. And you’ll visit old castles in our country where kings and dukes lived…”

But her son’s curiosity seemed still not to be satisfied. “Mom, the world must be gigantic. Will it be possible for me to set out on a journey all around the world when I am a big man?”

“It will. That’s for sure,” Laura’s voice was unquestionable. “This world is vast indeed, and that it is why you will need much time and money,” she smiled. “There are many interesting places in the world you must visit. You’ll see oceans, and very high mountains, and canyons, and waterfalls, and very big cities with skyscrapers… And you will make friends with new people.” Laura fell into a reverie. Even her son became silent for a longer while.

“How many thoughts the little head can hold…” the mother wondered, but she liked the children’s thoughtful face. Her son’s eyes were absent, somewhere in some distant dream world.

“But I will never reach stars…” The boy looked at his mother attentively. No-one could reach stars…What would his mother answer him? He looked at her with curiosity.

But why did his mother keep silence and lower her eyes? What happened to her? Why was she so sad? His little heart became anxious.

Laura controlled herself with effort.

“Always when you want to achieve something that will seem to be impossible for you, do your best to realize your dreams in spite of different obstacles in your life…” Her voice was entirely calm and firm. “Then you must focus on achieving your plan. And don’t allow anybody to disturb you. And when you do what you dreamed about, then you will feel reaching stars… Yes, son, you will be able to reach stars. You will…”

She didn’t mention her son how difficult it was to reach stars in her own life…

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