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Carmalin Sophia

Sharon was tired hearing Betty. Betty had repeated Kevin’s name atleast a hundred times that day. Betty said “you know Sharu, Kevin is damn smart, he is intelligent, his looks are appealing, he is ………..” Every day Betty had a story to tell Sharon about Kevin. Kevin was Betty’s classmate.

Once Betty said “Kevin winked at me today”

The next day she told “Kevin gave me a rose”

And the day after that she told “Kevin always occupies the seat next to me”

Sharon wondered “Its was only a month since college had begun and this girl Betty!!”

Sharon and Betty studied together since kindergarten. It was a residential school for girls run by nuns. Now school that was over, they had stepped in college. Sharon was sober while Betty was different. Sharon and Betty were roomies now. Sharon had opted for science and Betty chose arts.

It was a Friday evening and Sharon was waiting for Betty. Betty usually met her near the canteen. Both usually munched some snack and walked down to their room. Sharon had issued some books from the library that day and it was heavy. After 45 minutes of waiting she could see Betty walking down with a chap. The guy was nearly 6 feet tall and looked elegant. In a crossing, Betty bid him adieu and walked down fast towards Sharon. Sharon was a bit annoyed with Betty. Betty with a vinegary smile in her face attempted to take the books from Sharon’s hand. Sharon refused but Betty forcefully took tw! o books from her. Sharon was not talking with her.

Betty started “ you know Sharu today what happened ….we had quiz in class. Kevin and myself in a team. Kevin answered almost all the questions asked and we won…..we thought of celebrating and went to a restaurant near the east gate. …we were talking and I dint know how time passed by…”

Sharon smiled and said “so u had lots of fun today”

Betty nodded.

By then they had reached their room. Sharon took out the key and opened. The dresses, which they wore that week, were lying dirty. Saturday mornings was meant for washing and then a siesta.

Next day – Sunday – the girls were dressed in white …8.30 mass … was already 8.30……they had to go the campus church…..a 5 minutes walk from the hostel. The girls walked fast. They reached for the first hymn. They were breathing fast and were not able to sing. The message started the father was talking about the “Will of God”

He said “submit yourself to the will of God”. Sharon saw Betty’s face sparkled suddenly. She was smiling at someone on the other side. Sharon pinched her to turn. It was the same guy with whom Betty had walked down on Friday. Sharon thought, “it must be Kevin”.

The mass was over. Betty was waiting for that. She gave her Bible to Sharon and walked fast to the other side. Kevin was waiting there. Sharon walked down and stood below a tree in front of the cathedral. They stood talking on the right side of the foyer. It looked as though they were talking about something serious. Kevin was definitely gazing at Sharon during his talk. Sharon did not ask Betty what happened. Both of them walked silently back to the room. Betty had nothing to ! say about Kevin that day. Sharon had to submit an assignment the next day and was busy preparing for it while Betty slept.

The whole class applauded for Sharon as her assignment was the best in class. After the class was over her friends Beatrice, Gimmit, Lynn around her. Beatrice hugged her and gave her lovely kiss on her cheeks. Gimmit was just holding her hands. Lynn said “ I am proud of you dear”

Surrounded by friends she missed to notice that some one was waiting to see her for a long time……

It was Kevin……

Kevin came to her and said “hi, I am Kevin. Betty’s classmate”

She replied “hi, yeah I know”

He winked at Beatrice.

He said “Betty told me that she by mistake took your note book and wanted me to give it to you, She is bit busy in the department”

Sharon replied “ Oh thank you”. Then Kevin left.

That book was not needed for her on that day.

Beatrice said “ this Kevin was my senior in school, he is a model. He has modeled for nearly five projects. He missed two years of schooling. He missed a lots of classes during our higher secondary inspite of that he topped”

That evening Sharon asked Betty “ why did you give that book to Kevin? don’t you know that book was not needed today”

Betty replied “I was actually pulling out the books form my bag and your book fell down…Kevin picked it up and asked me whether it was yours, He told me that he will give this book to you. I told him that it was not needed. But by then he had left to your department.

Sharon had nothing to say.

It was break time. The cafeteria was filled with smoke. Beatrice, Sharon and Gimmit where having lemonade. Kevin entered the cafe gulping a tin coke and waved to Beatrice first and then to Sharon. He shook hands with Gimmit and sat beside Beatrice just opposite to Sharon. He had a formal talk with Beatrice but this eyes on Sharon. The drink was over Sharon wanted to quit the place telling that she had some xeroxing work. Kevin said “ I am going that way…let me drop you” Sharon couldn’t refuse. Beatrice winked at Kevin with a chuckle. Kevin gave a naughty smile back at her. Sharon by then had walked out of the café and Kevin hurried behind her.

Kevin dropped her in the xeroxing center and waited patiently. She had xeroxed a lot of material. He helped her in arranging the material. It was evening by then. Sharon said “Betty will be waiting for me….I will leave now”. He replied “no she will not we have a get-together our HOD residence. Sharon knew it.

She asked him “are you not going?” He replied “I want to spend this evening with you…..if you….”

And they did.

He dropped her back in the hostel. Betty had already come.

Before Sharon could start Betty told her “I know everything. He told me last Sunday in the church…….He loves you Sharon”

Sharon replied “ and you……”

Betty replied “ He is my classmate and my best friend ” Betty couldn’t control her tears thereafter….She burst out ……

Sharon was helpless………….

Days passed by……………….

The autumn was over and the rains had started. Betty had stopped taking about Kevin. Now she had another name to talk about. It was Jude her senior in the department. She now had lots of stories to tell about him. Betty and Jude were nice buddies. Jude helped Betty in all her things. Sharon was happy about Betty.

Kevin had left the city on a project. He was returning the next day. Sharon couldn’t sleep that night……she saw Betty was sleeping like a child deeply buried in her dreams…..

The next day Sharon came early to college…..Kevin was already waiting for her at the gate….

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