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To be reborn


Ryan Evans

Chapter 2

Reborning is the indication of being changed to adapt, to feel improved by oneself , but to venture further into the deepest of meanings would be a long awaited journey, a journey based on bravery, passion and dedication. Rays of light were projected upon Joseph's face which didn't diminish but strengthened in intensity, a symbolic sign to Joseph alone, a sign that even in the darkest of times relying on his faith and devotion, would certainly pull him through. His deeper loneliness and trapped feelings rattled their cages within his tightly compacted body wanting to burst free and gulp the fresh air surrounding him, to flutter gracefully in the wind around there owner to enable him to make sense of the feelings he once knew. The cold breeze grazed the side of his cheek as it passed against its obstacle, a pain unnoticed by Joseph, words and actions from his father had struck his heart on numerous accounts like an invisible blade gashing at his body tissues, so pain and feeling for such a minor abrasion wasn't even thought of, he had been damaged in more ways than physical.

Joseph remained still and motionless his arms tightly sealed around his legs, his fingers bony revealing a blue tint in the cold air that attacked his warm shakened body. He was no longer with his body, all his nerve impulses had decreased in their activity, movement was negligible, all energy had been drawn to his brain where Joseph faced a unenviable battle that would lead to him being reborn and being able to function without being hurt further. Contrasts were presented, feelings and memories hidden within climatic settings which tried to confuse him in the hope of him failing, large cliff sides demolished by the roaring sea that attacked its base plummeted into its dark depths, the darkening sky silently creeping overhead, the over pitched laughing of his father deafened him as it ranged vigorously in the ear canal of his ear, the feeling of being alone. The immense tormenting that had caused his heartache in the beginning, his father who seemed to gain aesthetic appreciation from watching his actions slowly tear away at Joseph's skin, to keep him barely alive to watch him suffer, the actions he now realized wasn't of those of a father.

When all lights had gone out and there was no safety or security where Joseph could hide from the verbal abuse he had received, his mother had always been there to shield him, uplifting his fathers cruel intentions with her presence, light that flooded from her body to compensate the darkness emitted from his fathers. With the thoughts of his father not ever wanting him brought him strength because he knew that the only one person he would ever need would be his mother and step dad who had shown their loyalty and responsibility to him, his friends who had been his shoulder, the friend of his mother who had been there constantly through the bad, these were the reasons behind his inspiration and devotion and he would never allow this to be jeopardized.

Light flooded the interior of his mind that raged as the sea and its dark contents drifted from sight, the calling of Sharon his mother softened the burning and irritation in his ears, a voice that seemed worried for her son, someone he knew cared immensely washing all feelings of grief and despair away and reducing the raging and vicious waves into a calm and undisturbed body of water, to which he could relax peacefully in his own frame of mind without having any chance of being hurt any longer.

As his mother stood at the edge of the steps leading to the second decking, looking rather worried for the welfare of her child in her appearance, showing signs of movement Joseph managed to climb to his feet by the energy he had absorbed from his mother by means of love that circled her form. Reaching her Joseph turned, the trees whistled and swayed in beat to the rhythm of the wind, the vast land behind his garden was overflowing with life, newly planted seeds had started to germinate, their stem heads reaching out from the bed of soil to gaze at the world above ground...........the birth of life......a new beginning..........just like this innocent stalk he would grow continually with age into a respected adult, there with his mum, his step dad, family and her mate by his side cherishing the moments together in happiness.........he knew he had been reborn.

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