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First Day On The Job


Theresa Cecilia Garcia

She dreamed again about calculating the cost of all the necessaries and stared anxiously at the monotonous road; reckoning and wondering what the conclusion would be. Removing herself from his presence, feeling a strange perturbation, clinging to common thoughts, common concerns, she suddenly felt a strange aversion to his whole proposal. Crawling into the main road, traffic lined the glimmering streets noisy with idlers strolling without direction.

He was good at using extortionist tricks of the trade and he did so, often, to no one's advantage but his own. Teeming with sweet rhetoric he sometimes sounded like a charitable Christian as he laid victim after victim half-naked and miserable in the bed of those seeking human purchases.

"Take what you're given, and shut up."

She suddenly came to a halt lost in the New York traffic.

"It's your turn to help me as I have helped you."

New York is a strange place with fixed unwritten rules that have no appeal to the hypnotized who are always buying into things they don't really want, held up and suckered into the bargain.

"I can do this, it's role playing." She remembers.

Nice looking 50 year old man apparently a longtime regular.

"So, what are you into?"

And with that question she entered the unclean cult, talking of

"I've got something here that's worth a bit of money." Wicked grin flashes through her face as she recalls his response.

"I want you to be a young girl." I want you to be as young as possible." He replied . Setting up the chamber of horrors.

"How old would you like me to be?" A newbie ,she sounded almost imperfect at the sale.

"15" and he held out a wad of cash .

The price struck her as very moderate but she accepted.

The interview had come to an end as the investigating under cover police officers fondled the now shy, hesitant buyer.

Bedridden by his own insolence, the merchant was already the single occupant of an uncared for cell, thick with dust.

It's called worm-holing.

Sometimes in NY we must pay double and triple the worth of things.

The traffic before her started to disperse and she pulled up to the car port that framed the 3 family home, into the arms of her loving husband, and 2 small children.

The policewoman, sprang from her bewilderment regarding the afternoon's events of her first day as detective. Looking down at the steering wheel the sun shone a blinding light over her gold toned wedding ring and she realized that claiming any kind of victory would have been the defeat of a decent person's common aim.

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