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David Robinson

It began to rain and heavily too, a welcome sight for the dry and barren land far below. One raindrop looked admiringly at itself in the mirror of another drop of somewhat smaller stature and said, ' my I am much bigger than you surely I will be made more welcome than you' the smaller one replied ' I will be able to get into places that you cant get to'. Another literally bounced past before singing out ' yes but look at me the sun has caught my beauty the earth will love me' a rather bloated raindrop floated past filled with pride saying ' listen I will cover a much bigger are than you all'.

Beside them a small rather insignificant drop almost weeping said ' I do wish I was bigger' 'me too' another chorused.

The parched ground opened its mouth and sighed with relief as raindrop after raindrop fell upon it each one receiving thanks, dry crusty seed began to drink, some reaching to the small drops the larger to the oversized and proud. Within moments the seed sprang up flourished and flowered to show their appreciation and the earth closed her mouth once again filled for a moment.

The various raindrops gathered together their beauty and size now depleted and polluted by the earth and as they gathered they began in their numbers to be swept along on a tide of 'well done's'. Within moments they were racing together from a trickle on the mountain top to the valley below where they formed a raging river,’ where’s old fatty' someone asked, another replied 'why we are all as one in this river' 'there is no difference between us now'

They raced together, a job well done, a finished work, as they reached the ocean the creator applauded them and said 'well done' One whispered to another, 'we covered a lot more of the earth when we worked together didn't we?

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