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Kasara Robinson

It was the end of a long, long three days spent in the woods, and Kasandra Rollo was fed up. Her patience was thinned from the beginning of the camping trip, and it went down to nothing at the end. The kind of camping trip she went on was a religious retreat which was on the same days as her Worlds of Fun trip with her friends. And since her Uncle was hosting the event, her Dad made her go to the retreat.

All through the retreat all the people talked about was Promises, prayer, and relaxing. Kasandra had blanked the whole thing out until she went home. After meditating on it at home the messages from more than five sermons at the camp sunk in.

Kasandra took her bible and read the same verses of the bible that made her cry in shame before the retreat, Romans chapter two: verses one through twenty nine, and again it made her cry in shame. That evening she crawled in bed and prayed for a good thirty minutes for a third chance. She had already had a second chance, and she was certain she blew it.

Her second chance had came in a dream: It started at a cafe where she and her mother worked side by side. On their lunch break, there was a huge evil laugh, and an earthquake began. The sidewalks began to crack revealing hot glowing lava. Kasandra was holding her Mother's hand. It began to slip away until her mother fell, leaving Kasandra on a piece of sidewalk. She fell on her knees and prayed to God. Immediately the sidewalk began to close and come back together.

The words "Second chance" flashed through the sky. Bright and yellow.

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