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Cinnamon Brown

(Part 5)

Returning to Syracuse had me feeling mixed emotions. Syracuse was my college town I attended SU GOT MY degree in Political Science the one I have yet to put to use. Syracuse is also the place I met Kevin. Driving down James street reminded me of us reminded me of our young love that had matured over the seasons and years. After graduation I made Syracuse my official home even though I am from North Carolina. I hated the south especially Washington NC it was dead no action I loved New York I wasn't to fond of the Big Apple but Syracuse was great it was just in between not to big not to small reasonable housing I loved it I wanted to stay forever.

I pulled in front of Tia's apartment complex the same place she had lived in since college.I sat in my SUV for a minute reminiscing about the old days thinking about how Tia was the only real friend I had ever had, back in NC I kept to myself my mom was my best friend. I had a boyfriend in 12th grade named Jeffrey he was my next door neighbor his mom and mine worked at the same Elementary school his dad was a police officer we went to school together everyday since 2nd grade when they moved to our street. Jeffrey was from Atlanta his parents took jobs in Washington NC so he had to move. Even at a young age he always talked about moving back to ATL.

I wanted out of the south. When I was 15 my dad had a conference NYC we drove up to the Cuse that weekend for a football game at the Carrier Dome I liked the place because it was not dinky like Washington NC it wasn't congested like NYC it was a happy median. I wish I had never left with that thought I got out of my ride and rang Tia's doorbell. Tia opened the door all smiles Tia looked the same way she had in college except she now had dreadlocks. Tia is a pretty dark skinned girl, she's short with a chubby face and a wide smile. I hugged her tight she said "You came just in time I just made some salmon cakes and grits" I wasn't really hungry and the McDonald's I dad eaten was doing a number on my stomach.

"I am not hungry just need to vent". I spent the next hour telling Tia all about the call about how I was feeling about how stupid I had felt. Tia didn't say a word she gave me no feedback that's when I realized she had been in this situation before just on the opposite end she had walked in Tisha's shoes. I knew that Tia sympathized Tisha because she could relate she had been a mistress for many years. Just 4 years ago Tia was dating a married man from Binghamton NY everything was hush until Tia found out she was pregnant.

Tia begged this guy whose name was Chris to tell his wife and to move in with her so they could be a family. Chris refused Tia aborted the baby and every since then she has formed some type of society for mistresses and it all seems normal for her. I stopped talking. Tia looked at me and said "why are you mad at her he's the one who cheated you 2 are the victims here he's the one who should be suffering." I quickly defended myself " I am not mad at her I am mad about the situation" With that Tia went into the bathroom friends are good and they mean well but sometimes there advice is like a chocolate covered aspirin when you have a toothache. It's good in the right context.I was still suffocating I left Tia in the bathroom and headed out for a walk.

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