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Cinnamon Brown

(Part 3)

As I hit the highway to drive the 4 1/2 hours to my old college town Syracuse NY. I began to think about the old days about the day I met Kevin. I was working at Rainbow shop a clothing store on Salina street in Syracuse I stepped outside to smoke a Marlboro Light and he bumped into me. I was ready to go off but when I looked into those hazel eyes I couldn't move. The man was an Adonis 6 foot 3 inches of shear beauty I thought I had fallen in love at that very moment. Then he spoke " I am so sorry little lady" his voice was like calming waters I started to quiver just a little but not enough for him to notice.

Before I could open my mouth he was gone. I looked around for him but he had vanished like a phantom. The rest of the day I daydreamed wondering if he were real and if I would ever see him again. For about 3 weeks I went outside everyday at the same time hoping I would he would be there shopping around downtown maybe going to CVS pharmacy to pick up a few items but he never showed. I gave up after a while using one of my nana's old sayings "if it's meant to be it will be". At that point I went on with my everyday life I attended SU Majoring in PolySci minoring in African American studies I was in the prime of my life it was the first time I had ever been away from home and I was loving life getting good grades partying all the time hanging with my girls at the Carousel mall and working. Then one day my best friend Tia called me about a party in Liverpool some work friends of hers were having she wanted me to go so she would not feel uncomfortable. I agreed to go got all dolled up.

When we got there I was the one feeling uncomfortable with all the future musicians and artist that were crowded in the space. I found a corner and stayed in it that is until he appeared all decked out in a cream colored turtleneck sweater fitted jeans and a tan leather jacket caramel skin hazel eyes glowing. I literally tripped over my own feet trying to get away from him. Isn't crazy how females always want a man but when she gets around him she's always running in the other direction we do expect for men to chase us but seriously how often does that really happen especially with complete strangers. I got a grip on everything including my balance and spoke " Hey your the guy that bumped into me a few weeks ago" he looked at me strange .

I felt like slapping myself for seeming like a loser to remember a random stranger that bumped into me nearly a month ago on a street corner how often does that happen and how often do you recognize that person in a crowded room of similar unfamiliar faces. Then he smiled and said "yeah little lady I remember because I was late to the studio that day". "Studio"? I asked assuming it was my business to know what the man does another trait that woman possess for no apparent reason .."yeah, I sing and write music" I should have known being that everyone at the party was trying to climb the music industry ladder. I answered simply" oh" before I could utter another word Tia came over all tipsy and said Naomi I see you have met Kevin the most talented man in New York.

I gave her a look then said "yeah he's the guy I told you bumped into me a few weeks back" Now you know how people act when they drunk they start feeling all liberated and telling your business and what not so I knew what was coming next and like a monthly cycle she blurted out" girl you been looking for him for weeks and all this time I've been working with him everyday this has got to be some sort of fate" I turned 50 shades of red including fuchsia really feeling like a donkey and a desperate loser on top of that. Kevin smiled hard revealing dimples saying" you were looking for me ?" I tried to play it off but it was obvious I got caught out there what do you do when you get caught out there? Play along with it let the truth come out in bits and pieces. " I would not say it like that but I thought you were nice looking and was hoping maybe we could kick it."

He laughed real hard that hurt my feelings "little lady how old are you?" I am 19 and stop calling me little lady I'm not a kid" I was agitated I felt like he had rejected me he was treating me like one of the hood kids who just asked for a dollar. I had to back away from the situation fast so I yawned "Tia I'm tired I got exams Monday and I need to get some R&R plus I have to work tomorrow" that was the only bs I could think of to get away from him now normally I would have read him his rights gave him a high minded speech and rolled but he was different he was like all the other guys I had met he a finesse and I like that but pride would not let me show it. Tia said" alright girl call me when you get home" we bid our farewells and I headed out. I didn't know Kevin was on my heels he yelled my name like he had known me forever like we grew up together played tag and all that..

I turned around and said" what" real hard and aggravated. "dang girl slow down I just wanted to apologize I didn't" mean to offend you in anyway you just look real young" I softened my facial expression from pissed to semi-pissed even though inside I felt like I was going to melt.. "Can we start over Naomi" At that point I realized I really did get what I wanted he chased me he followed me I felt somewhat victorious. I gave in and invited him to my apartment for tea. We spent the rest of the night talking about school.. That's how it all started

Part 4

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