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Save Us from Ourselves


Frank Blacharczyk

Her words never left her mouth, those lips moved like mime, but the loud and relentless ocean like a powerful army attacked the shore and her words fell.

Where was the ocean? When men with bloated fragile egos created a war to benefit their distorted biographies, the bloody pen rationalizes heroism and sacrifice.

Glory seeks listeners who write their own stories as the hero, saving the town from the bad guys, catching the beautiful girl’s attention, riding off into the sunset but the hero is silenced in chapter one and is buried in his plot.

Recycled war changes with the choice of weapon; always the same death’s pain leaves a large want in the heart ‘until death do us part.’

Men die in groups like members of the same club.

War never ends just takes a vacation, catches its breath, sleeps in the sun to regain its strength with a handsome tan so people will stare with envy. Feeds on mistrust but boredom grows, begins to pace, anxiety builds, visions of self-glory bloom, the gods create war-like art, pastel songs of life and death anxious for honour and glory, bodies pile up like the smell of feces in the outhouse and the worship of honour is Cain’s misplaced offering to the Lord, of mistaken glory.

The mask of the constant smile sings the joys of self-sacrifice, the sun shines with a stairway to heaven, take that bullet for the country’s honour (paranoia) and the cheering crowd sprawled like mannequins on the battlefield singing with glee, clapping and dancing to the chorus and the factories increase production, workforce expands and profits are alive and growing. The war must go on!

The lie to heal the pain comes from the same lie that created the pain, the mask of the constant smile.

When the volume is turned down, like a blind man who meets Jesus and asks to be healed, suddenly sees and is overwhelmed with loss…

Ears listen for your knock, to hear you talk and to see your face is like seeing the face of God.

In the beginning God created heaven and earth…

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