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Ginger and Tabi


Emily Lain

Ginger the Bragger and Tabi the Wise

There once was a dog named Ginger many years ago. Ginger always bragged about how she could take on many tasks and finish them all within a time limit. She would do errands all day, such as cleaning and cooking. There was yet to be one chore she couldn't finish as quick as a bunny.

One day, in Ginger's town of Pineville, came a great, wise cat named Tabi. This cat went town to town helping people. He first came upon Ginger in this new, strange town.

"Well, hello Mr. Cat. Who are you and where have you come from?" Ginger asked, grinning slyly.

"My name is Tabi and I have come from very far off. I am very, very wise." This odd cat said.
Ginger looked at this festively plump brown cat and decided to prove his wisdom wrong.

"I believe that my skills of doing chores quickly exceed your wise skills. I challenge you to a game."
The wise cat agreed. Ginger explained that Tabi would assign any five jobs that he wanted to. Ginger then would finish all of the jobs in a reasonable yet irregular time. He believed Tabi would never be able to pick five tasks that she couldn't finish quickly, therefore failing. However, Tabi was such a wise cat that he knew just what to do. He assigned these five chores: "First, you must sweep a large floor. Then, you must dust the same room. Next, you must wash a stack of dishes that I shall prepare. After that, you must wash a pile of my finest and favorite fur coats. Finally, you must sweep a chimney."

Ginger only laughed lightly, shaking her head and then saying, "Silly old cat! You have obviously never heard of me before. I am the famous dog who can finish all those so quickly you will not have time to say

'How amazing'. This will be easy. I believe you will lose."
Tabi smiled a wise smirk. He turned around and then said, "It is getting quite late right now and I must prepare your chores. Meet me at sunrise right here. I am very anxious to see if you will accomplish that goal or not."

And so they departed. Tabi went off into the direction of the fading sun while Ginger went the opposite direction to her home. When Ginger got home, she was so excited she couldn't sleep. Instead, she stayed up all night doing her own house chores, which had been neglected while she had been busy doing everyone else's to prove her talent.

Soon, sunrise came and it was time to begin. Although Ginger had stayed up all night and was tired, she had to show off, so she went anyway.

Ginger did the first four chores precisely, aside from her tired state of mind. By the time she reached the last task, however, she was so tired that she fell asleep in the fireplace while attempting to clean the chimney. Her mouth was wide open, so the ashes from the chimney soaked deep into the lungs of the dog. It caused her voice to fade and soon (when she woke up) she was unable to speak at all, making it impossible for her to ever brag again.

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