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Mane Extensions


Daniel W. Kneip

The sign on the door read, "Mane Extensions" and thatís exactly what Loris was hoping it would say. She walked through the doorway and found herself in an office setting that looked and smelled like a barn and dog-gone it if she didnít feel right at home!

The receptionist, a woman that looked more like a sheep than a receptionist, greeted Loris with a hearty, "Welcome!"

"Iíd like to purchase some mane extensions for my horse," Loris told the sheep-woman, who had a nasty looking swarm of gnats circling her face.

"Of course," she replied, pulling out a secret panel that had all sorts of colored mane-extension samples clipped to it. And Loris was amazed at the selection!

"My horse, Lonny, will be thrilled when she sees what Iím bringing home to her!" cried Loris, and this time, she really was crying.

"Now," the receptionist started without exception, "every mane extension comes with a money-back guarantee. I say, if your horse doesnít love it, we want to give your money back!"

And that sounded pretty good to Loris who picked out a number of extensions for purchase.

"But I can only afford three," she smiled and then had a wonderful little idea on how to choose.

She simply asked the receptionist to model each extension, to which the receptionist responded, "Iím much too busy, but I would love to anyway!"

So she, one at a time, clipped the mane extensions in her own craggly hair-do and Loris was amazed at how magically they blended in and she kept saying over and over, "Lonny will love it! Lonny will love it!"

And Loris picked out her three favorites, handed over her payment and hurried home to her balding horse.

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