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It was dark, but she could smell the sweat. he was pacing back and forth, back and forth, frantically. she did not know what was making him so nervous, but she was soon to find out.

"they don't want you! what am I supposed to do WITH YOU!" he screamed, and she twitched with fear.

He has clothed her once more, but she was terrified everytime she could hear him come near to her. she wished she could see or talk but it seemed like her mouth was glued shut and there was no light on. She could hear his shallow breathing and his thumping steps, but no sirens or cars coming to rescue her. She found her voice but only for a moment.

"please, just send me home" she pleaded,

she felt a hand slap her cheek so hard that she almost passed out.

"of course, i cant u idiot! what if u crack and tell someone" he said to her, speaking as thought he thought no one could be as stupid as her,

"What can I do? WHAT CAN I DO!? I cant send you home and I cant keep you here." She heard a silence that seemed to fill up the room. He wasn't walking or moving, She could feel him staring at her with hatred. She felt more weak then she had ever felt in her life.

She could suddenly hear him walking across the room, and was relieved, but for only a moment because she suddenly heard the breaking of a bottle. She could once again hear him walkin back across the room towards her.

She felt something cold against her throat and suddenly became more still then she had ever been in her entire life. Memories came flooding back to her. Her and her brother, her with her parents at a carnival, her getting her brand new cat, her not speaking to her parents, her running away with her parents money, and she realized why her parents had not come for her.

"good bye. you were fun but now I don't have a choice" he said softly in her ear.
then she heard... nothing.

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