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The Master Death


Jacob Rabbitt

Chapter Two

By that Sunday the plan had been worked out completely. Miss Fenton hadn't suspected a thing. She continued putting the final touchings on her masterpiece. On the night of the opening the children made sure to pack their suitcases.
They wouldn't be returning.

Charlie: The hunters haven't returned?
The play was fully under way and not a single Masterson child didn't have butterflies in their stomachs. Everyone performed perfect up until the second to last scene.

Charlie: Forget it, there is none to perform my play.
Queen: The juggler lost his hands and the fairy her wings, what will we do?

Diane: As you can see the queen and king are in total despair, their plans of putting on a wonderful play were shattered by the recent accidents of all the performers.
William: None of the eleven understudies were able to take their place. Outter Kick, WGG news.

(red curtains closes)

At this time Miss Fenton was so wrapped up the applause of the audience, she didn't notice the thirteen Masterson children hard at work backstage. "This is what we'll do,"
Charlie motioned for his siblings to come closer. "First we'll get everything set up, then during the last act Joseph will sneak backstage, Elliott will continue with his scene as if nothing is wrong." Charlie turned to his youngest brother. "Remember Elliott don't yell before Joseph drops the box, you have to do it as soon as it falls on you."
"No, Elliott I told you, it's not really going to smash you."
"Good, now Billy, after the box falls everyone will be eyeing Elliot, and no one will see you tighten the rope around Fenton's foot.....Joseph you have to pull the rope as soon as Billy ties it. The Girls will handle the rest...Every body got it?"
"No." Alexandra crossed her arms around her chest. "Just what do you all have?"
Joseph glanced at Charles. They naturally hadn't told Alexandra about the plan.
"The ummmm......uh...." Charles stuttered.
"The next act." Carol cried just as Virginia yelled "Our routine."
"I'm watching you." Alexandra said leaving the room. "All of you."

Final Act

Dick: Just one thing brother.....who's that?"
David: What are you?
Billy: Allo humans I come in peace
Dick: He's a.....thief.....Iím sure.....come.... for....sword
Billy: No I am not a space criminal.
David: You shot him!
Dick: He was.....going to..... steal......sword.
David: Would you forget about the stupid sword?
Dick: You don't understand
David: Quiet I hear something in the bushes.
Dick: I'm done with the surprises....Just kill me.

If it hadn't have been for the sleeping pills Alexandra dropped into his bottle, Elliott would've come onto the stage and performed his role as the lovable elf.

Dick: I said..... I'm done with the surprises just kill me.
Joseph slowly walked backwards off the stage and behind the curtain.
"Elliott!" He called out. After looking and looking Joseph finally found Elliott sleeping in a pile of dirty clothes, beside him was a bottle of sleeping pills. Joseph knew he had to hurry.
He found the green costume box in the storage closet. The bottom had been sawed out. Elliott would've went right through it. He thought.
Joseph climbed the ladder to the very top of the stage, balancing the box on the rails.

Down below Miss Fenton was in a state of panic. Quickly she ordered Maddy to take Elliott's part. "But I don't know the lines." She wined.
"Just stand there, David and Dick will lead you."

Dick: I'm done with the surprises....Just kill me.
Maddy walked on stage looking ridiculous in a much too tight elf costume.
David: It's the elf...uh.....on his way to the castle to see the king.
Maddy: uh I'm on my way to the castle to see the king.
Dick: You're the one then?
Maddy: I am?.....uh I mean yes I am.
David: Then you're here for the sword.
Dick: No don't give it to her.
Suddenly all the lights went out. "What's going on?" Virginia whispered to Judith.
"Hey! Who turned the lights out!" members of the audience cried out.
Billy saw his chance and ran to the side of the stage. The rope was right where it should be. Billy grabbed it and began to run, it toke him a while to realize he wasn't going anywhere. Someone was holding his hand. before he could cry out, the hand was covering his mouth and ushering him into the storage closet.

A light came on but it was a spotlight. And it was shining directly on Alexandra.
She stood in the middle of the stage, with her arms poised on her hips. In her hand was a Bible. She was wearing a pastor costume.

The moment the lights flew on Joseph was startled and immediately let go of the wooden box. Sending it crashing on Alexandra's head.

By this time the audience was shocked and scared. Miss Fenton began yelling at the children. "What's wrong with you?" She said stomping onto the stage.
"You've ruined my play."
"I can explain Miss Fenton." Alexandra rushed.
"You better."
The members of the audience were just about gone.
"It's their fault." Alexandra pointed to her siblings.
"What?" Miss Fenton cried.
"I heard them planning something backstage, I bet it was to ruin your play."
"She's a liar." Joseph said climbing down from the ladder. "She poisoned Elliott,
that's why he didn't come out, she ruined your play."
"Is this true Alexandra?"
"Uh...uh no...I mean...This isn't my fault."
"Alexandra, you are big trouble.."
"But I didnít' do it."
"Silence, you are grounded and for trying to blame your siblings you will do their jobs for a week."
"Not another word, get your things we're leaving."
"Really Alex Iím ashamed of you." Charlie walked past her.
"Yeah Alex that was pretty low, even for you." Virginia laughed.

"Enjoy it while you can." Alexandra frowned. "I'll get my revenge."

"Come now children." Miss Fenton called.
Judith and Joseph looked at each other and rolled their eyes. William and Diane hurried out of the house carrying two suitcases each. It had been four weeks since the play disaster. Nothing had gone according to plan. Miss Fenton was still alive, and the Masterson children were still being subject to horrible chores and awful mistreatment. At that moment they were on their way to Miss Fenton's vacation home. "Hurry children we don't want to be late."
"Yes we do." Carol whispered to herself.
Miss Fenton climbed into the driver's seat and put the car into drive.
Most of the children were staring down, too depressed to look out the window.
The only masterson not with her head hanging was Judith. Who the first to start noticing the familiar roads. The funny looking park and finally the house Miss Fenton stopped at. Their old house.

To Be Continued

Chapter One

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