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Alex and the Restaurant


Steven Kaye

Wow!... Well a few days ago I heard daddy asking mommy if she would like to go to Morton's for dinner. I never heard this name before so I didn't know if he was family or just a friend. Mommy put a big smile on her face and said yes to daddy, that she would love to go. I started waving my hands and kicking my feet because I did not want them to forget about me. If they were going to see Morton, so was I. I heard them talk about Grandma and Grandpa coming to stay with me, but I kept hoping that I was going with them. Then I heard daddy say I want Alex coming with us. I was so happy I could not wait for Saturday to come. Like normal we woke up early on Saturday morning and went to shul. I like that place, but the rabbi did not talk about me this week.

What's up? Last time he made such a big deal about me that all these people starting looking over at me. The rabbi and I have this thing going. He pays me to come and all these other people come to see me. The Temple has never been so crowded until now. I waited all day to go to Morton's. Who is this guy anyway? I knew it was a big deal because we all took our baths and then they dressed me in my shul clothes. Blue pin stripe shirt, khaki pants, my cool belt, new socks and my cute little shoes. They even gelled my hair. This must be big time. We pulled up in the parking lot and all I could see were shops and restaurants. This could not be where Morton lived. Then we walked up to a beautiful wood door and it said Morton's on it. He lived here? When we got inside I saw tons of people eating steaks that were hanging over there plates. 

Mommy explained to me that we were at Morton's. I was confused but she told me there wasn't a person named Morton, but rather the restaurant was called Morton's. They figured out where we could park my stroller. I had the best seat in the house. (I slipped the guy a 50). We all ordered cocktails. Mine was a special blend for my bottle. Something about eating out makes the food taste better. Then I had some of the bread on the table. Really good stuff. Mommy kept pulling the stuff off the bread for me. Doesn't she realize I am growing up? 

Now for the main course... what should we order. The 48oz porterhouse sounded delish. Well dinner came and I had so much fun. I can't believe I ate the entire thing. I could not keep my eyes open after that. I kept trying to see everyone but it was getting tougher. After dinner we went for a stroll. We went into a gallery. I peeked to see if there was anything worthwhile. Pretty ugly stuff in the place. 

Then we went into another restaurant to check the place out for a future time. It was really pretty and they were playing nice music. It was so past my bedtime so I let my eyes finally close. I heard mommy say they are playing our song. Out of the tiny slit of the corner of my eye, I saw mommy and daddy dancing. What a great evening. Night Night. 

Steve Kaye 
Senior Manager 
Daleen Technologies 
1750 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, FL 33487 
Voice: (561)981-2406 Mobile: (561)702-6380

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