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The End But Yet the Beginning


Timothy Manassah

'Twas a sunny day in the world of Groth although it is always sunny in a world as barren and desolate as Groth. Groth is a dry desert world consisting of 8 major deserts and the 17 different mountain areas that surround them.

Lopeth, a lowly human, was out scouting to make sure no enemy Gavolt armies threatened the colony of humans that has been established to further expand our grip on the fringe worlds. Lopeth mumbles to himself, "God, humans suck.  I should go to the Gavolts and tell them the location of our base and pledge my allegiance but they would  have me killed and eaten before I said anything.  Even if I did get a word out they would not understand."

He casually walks along the edge of a cliff not really expecting to see anything spectacular on this planet, but suddenly a glint of sun reflecting off metal catches the corner of Lopeth's eye and he sees an oncoming horde of Gavolt soldiers armoured for war.

"SHIT!" Lopeth yelled and began to run back to the base, but he does not want to alert the humans to their presence.  He simply wants to get his wife Avalon out of the colony and to safe ground. He knows the colony doesn't have a chance against an oncoming force.  Due to the human's law against unfair warfare humans are not permitted to use force.  That gives them a considerable disadvantage against another civilization in battle, and since the Gavolt use only hand to hand weapons of steel so must the humans in their defense. This is a rule that Lopeth has never understood as especially in this case the human colony is very much outnumbered 100 to one and the Gavolt know the terrain and methods of war while the humans "come in peace" but will probably end up in pieces.

Lopeth ran until he was in sight of the city, then proceeded to walk calmly into the city and towards his quarters.

"Anything to report?" questioned his commanding officer Major Burdone.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," replied Lopeth. His quarters were a small one bedroom apartment where he found his wife and told her to come on his next reconnaissance as a romantic gesture.  She gladly accepted the offer as she knew how much he was risking to take her into the outlands beyond the city walls.

They snuck out of the east gate and made their way to the great Rocky Mountains, named after the ones back on Earth One. They came to a place where they could see the whole city and they began a ritual commonly known as making love, which was strictly forbidden for any peoples without a license.  Lopeth and Avalon didn't have one.

Avalon suddenly looked up from their sweaty bodies and realised what Lopeth had done as the battle began and the Gavolt were charging down the city walls. Of  course the humans were fighting back but their army consisted of forty-five troops, most of which were asleep, and the oncoming horde of Gavolt consisted of more than five hundred warriors caring only for victory and not for their own lives.

Within 30 minutes the battle was over.  All the humans were dead and their carcasses were being dragged off - probably for food for the Gavolt. Avalon looked back down at Lopeth in disgust, not realising they were still having sex, and glared into his eyes until her eyeballs rolled back in the pleasure of the moment.

The horrific image of the colony's demise was gone, and only the feeling of total ecstasy was going through her mind, coupled with the fact that now they could do this whenever they pleased without restriction as they would probably be assumed to be dead.

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