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Love Me Dear


Carmalin Sophia

It was late that day….Anamika was hurrying home. She was looking cute in the blue crepe saree. She was feeling different that day. She reached the bus stand. The bus stand was crammed. She felt something different that day - a pair of eyes watching her. It was a tall handsome guy in black jean n orange T-shirt. He had a 2005 diary in his hand. The stranger looked decent. May be a student in some city college. The buses came but were damn crammed. She missed three busses. She waited. She thought that the stranger would have boarded one of them. She turned to see he was still there. She quickly pulled her eyes back to escape his notice but in vain. Anamika was a bit confused “is this guy following me?” then she thought “I am in a crowded place……so many ladies around may be one of them” She then again had a thought “then why am I feeling uncomfortable” …she missed two more buses…now the bus stand was relatively empty. She made up her mind to board the next bus.

She was waiting. Thirty minutes had gone by. She was feeling tired and hungry. She turned around to see what she could get to gulp but saw that he was there perceptibly looking at her. She didn’t bother. It had always happened. She stepped into the bakery behind. He didn’t notice.

“krack jack” she asked

“only 50 50 madam” the shopkeeper replied

She lifted her brows n hesitated finally said “give”

She gave a ten rupee note and got the biscuits along with 3 coins

She looked around to see whether she could open the pack

She saw him searching for her

She started munching. He was smiling at her…….he looked as though she were a small child

She emptied quarter of the pack.

A bus ….she kept the packet in her bag and boarded….no place to sit….made herself comfortable to stand. Got her ticket.

She was between two muscular hands-comrade type. It was the stranger……

After 30 minutes of journey it was time to get of. The stranger also got off behind her and walked in the road opposite to hers.

The next day

She was in a light blue chicken work salwar. She was looking cute. She walked down from her office to the bus stand. She felt someone walk behind her. It was the stranger. She boarded in the first bus that came. Again two muscular hands around her from behind. The driver was a young chap. The bus was fast. He was protecting her from the crowd. She turned back and gave him a smile of gratitude.

a sudden break…… she was totally on him….she felt that he was strong….

She put her head down and didn’t lift up…….she was biting nails…when her place came she disembarked and walked down but definitely saw him looking at her until she vanished….

The third day

Next day work was over early. She didn’t want to leave early. She wanted to go during her regular timings. She sat in the office chatting with her friends. Her eyes were on the watch. When it was time she hurriedly ended the conversation and left. She walked down to the bus stand. The stranger was missing. The bus stand was empty and the buses too. She missed three buses.

Its was getting late….she was disappointed. An over spilling bus came. She boarded. Got her tickets and settled in a place standing. The comrade hands were there around her……….He was very close to her……she felt his breath…….it had some message to convey… a sudden break…he kissed her on her neck…she didn’t expect ……she was biting nails……

Anamika had cooked Rohans favorite dishes – sweet n sour mushroom soup, roti, dhall, baby corn manchurian, chicken rolls and kababs. He was supposed to come home at 11 AM that day. It was 3.00 PM and he had not come. She tried calling him but his mobile was not reachable. At 7.00 in the evening she received a call from Rohan’s secretary that he was not coming that day and will come a day after the next day.

Rohan came home at 11.30 PM. She opened the door. He said

“Sorry dear ….we wouldn’t have completed the assignment if I wasn’t there” he continued

“You were in my thoughts on our marriage day…I was busy I couldn’t call you up”

He took his bath, changed, switched on the Hitachi and slept. Soon he was fast asleep.

She was lying down beside him. Tears rolled down …… she was not able to sleep….the stranger filled her thoughts…….

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