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Baked Breads and Rolls


Daniel W. Kneip

Once upon a tame, gentle horse, Mary travelled from town to town with baked goods sure to please.

"And I call them 'baked GREATS' because I put so much tender love and care in them each!" she would write at the top of each recipe card and she had about ten of those.

Her first stop of the day was in a little village that was so small, they didn't even bother giving it a name.

Mary crawled off her horse in a very curious way and approached a gathering of wide-eyed children who were staring at the horse and drooling like a pack of deranged wolves and this made the horse quite uncomfortable and he held real still in hopes that the children would think he was made of paper mache.

This plan did not exactly work.

When Mary asked the little devils if they would enjoy their bread "with or without my special hand-whipped butter made from tender, love and kindness," they ignored her and started inquiring about the horse.

"Yes, yes," began one child who seemed to be the brains of the outfit because he wore glasses and had wild ideas and just enough gusto to dream. "Bread is fine for some, Miss, but we are hungry children and if you look now, my little sister longs for more than your silly breads and rolls!"

Well, Mary was not too happy about this! She covered her basket immediately and snapped at the small boy, "Child, you can go eat rocks and twigs then! You have insulted me AND my breads!" And she went back to her horse and started to mount when the children circled the hooved beast.

"Here is what I propose," the brainiac said with a smile so hideous even a mask wouldn't help. "Take your bakery basket but leave the animal. We will treat it well for a few minutes before grilling it over an open flame and feasting - we are THAT hungry, Ma'am!"

Shocked to the core, Mary acted very quickly in order to save her horse and her own hide and she threw the rolls at the children, which were as hard as stone anyway, and they scampered for cover allowing Mary just enough time to escape!

The End

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