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The Magic Pot


Maria Reylan Garcia

Once, in a poorly made house, there lived a poor but happy family. The family consists of a hardworking father named George, a loving and caring mother name Slvya, and a cute and cheerful child named Daniel. Even though the family lived a poor and simple life, they are still happy for they had each other and consider them as their priced possessions.

George was only a potter, making beautiful pots which he later sell to town. One cold early Monday morning, George got up early and went to his pottery shop to make as many as he can. Before he left the house he kissed Slvya and Daniel, who were both sleeping, good-bye. "I'll be home this afternoon" he whispered.

When he arrived at his shop, he sat down on his wheel and began making pots. As he was making the pot, he thought of something and said, " Lord, this pot I am making is for you, this would be very beautiful... Just let my family have a good life... I pity them..." he said. After that, He continued with his work.

While up in the heavens, the Lord heard him and was delighted about the man's wish... " I think I'll grant his wish, for he indeed is a good man and a good father..." God thought. After a few moments, God made something magical... " I'll put some magic in this pot, everything this family wishes may it come true." He said with glee.

That afternoon, while George was busy painting his pot to the Lord, The Lord appeared to him and George was delighted to see him and listened to the Lord's words.. " Dear Child, I heard your wish, you have been a good man, so now take the pot you have made for me, for it is magical.. anything you and your family would wish for will come out of there... take good care of it..." said the Lord. " Oh, It's really wonderful.. Wait until I tell Slvya she's going to love this..." said George leaving, and had forgotten something. He had forgotten to thank God, who made his wishes come true. But still the Lord was patient and said " He'll soon thank me,...I shall wait for that time"

When George arrived home, he called to his family and told all about God's gift for them... " Is it wonderful!" said George. " Indeed" said Slvya... But before little Daniel could give his comment, his parents tried to see if the magic was true... " I wish for delicious food" asked Slvya. And poof it came out of the box. The family all enjoyed the food, but Little Daniel notice that they happened not to thank God for the food. " Why is it that we say no thanks to God?" he though to himself.

Days and months passed, the family grew richer and richer and greedier than ever. Little Daniel was happy for he had all the things he wanted before, yet still sad for he missed the times when he and his parents were all together... laughing, playing and talking to each other, yet now, " It will only be a memory" he said.

Up in the heavens, the Lord, had enough of George and Slvya's greediness, he also had enough of their selfish attitude, not giving anymore love to their child Daniel, who happened to be the one who realized their mistakes. He was so angry that he decided to come down on earth and appear to George and his family once again.

A little later, The lord appeared to George and his family, then the Lord spoke " George, what have you become? you become greedy and selfish, you become unworthy of my blessings to you,... and you Slyva, you disappointed me!" After saying what he have to say, the Lord got the pot from George hands and broke it into pieces. " Oh! No! our money!!!" George wailed. " Is that what you only care? Money? How about Daniel? How about what he feels?" the Lord asked George.

All was deadly silent, moments passed by until a small tiny step was heard, Daniel stepped closer to the Lord and bent on his knees and said, " Lord, thank you for letting us experience all the pleasures in life that we want, thank you also for all the blessings that you have given us... But most of all Lord, thank you for destroying the pot, for we will be in a simple life again, where my mother and father will love me again, where we will live together again, poorly but happily" Daniel said.

The Lord was touched to what Daniel had said, while George and Slvya all burst into tears and said, " Oh, God, we are very sorry, for not thanking you for all your blessings, for being greedy and selfish... And to you Daniel we are very sorry for all that we have done, we promise that we will love you once again... we will change..." they said.

The Lord felt really happy, to what had happened, so was Daniel... Daniel went closer to his parents and hugged them both and whispered " God, I almost forgot to say, thank you for giving me a family... like them, who will love me forever..." The Lord nodded gladly and disappeared, and blessed the family a good house, enough money and full of love in their home...

From then on, the family, all lived together, happily, not greedily and most of all filled with God's unending love, which they share to each other and especially Daniel...

I'm Maria Reylan Garcia, 13 from the Philippines.. please send me feedback...

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