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Spring Break


Mark Kolar

Spring Break ’08!!!

It was the Thursday before spring break, and I was stopped in Whitehall to gas up, as I was driving home. It was an exciting time, as I was starting spring break, and also because the family was supposedly going to Disney Land for the break. I hopped and skipped into the town pump, and looked and the cashier and said “I’m going to Disney Land!” The cashier didn’t seem to quite match my enthusiasm, as he just looked at me and said, “That will be $26.” I quickly paid and then skipped back out to my truck, as the high school kids that were on their lunch break gave me quizzical looks, and started once again for home.

I arrived home, and blasted through the door, and I saw my mother and grandmother talking in the living room, and I said, “We’re going to Disney Land!” At which my mother replied “Yeah, in May!” At this statement, my bouncing off the walls ceased immediately, and I managed to say “…what…?” My mother replied, “Yes honey, Gerry (step-dad) had some things come up, so we are going to post pone the trip till May, when you are finished with school.” All I could muster to say in my sorrow was “Because of you I lied to my English teacher!” My mom replied, “Well, you can always take the class next semester I suppose.”

Now I wouldn’t say I was on the verge of suicide, because I wasn’t. No, I was just a little bummed out. On Friday night, my good friend Meagen called, and asked “So how’s California!” I fought back tears and replied “Why must you hurt me?” I went on to explain that plans had changed, and I would just be hanging around home all break. Upon hearing of my dire situation, Meagen said “Well, a few of us are meeting at the park in about half an hour, I think we are going to play some sort of tag or hide and seek game.” Now, the 19 year old college student in me was saying “Tag? Hide and Seek? You can’t be serious?” But the little kid in me, that shows itself way more often, was saying “Do it Mark! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!”

After telling the parents that I was off to play tag/hide and seek, and having them lecture about where they went wrong with me, I left, and arrived at the park. I was met by Meagen, and four other teenagers that were having an identity crisis like I was. As it turned out, there were three guys, and three girls there, so we split into two teams, boys vs. girls, how original.

Now, we were in the major residential part of town, and the college was located about a mile away, at the other end of the residential district. Now the boys (that’s me!) goal was to race, on foot through the residential part of down, down the streets and alleys, while the girls chased us in a vehicle. If the girls spotted one of us, we had to get in the car with them. Now, it would have been a good idea to split up, but seeing as how the dark is scary, we decided against that. Yeah, guess whose idea this game was? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the male team.

After about 25 minutes of racing for our lives, being chased by dogs, and shot at, we reached the college. Ok we weren’t really chased by dogs, or shot at, because people in that part of town can’t afford dogs or guns. Though, a lady did come out, and ask what we were doing in her yard, which we accidentally crossed in our pursuit of freedom. Now Levi, who was one of my fellow team mates, went on to explain we were playing hide and seek. Now, though this was mostly true, I imagined the woman had trouble accepting the fact that three teenage boys were playing such an innocent game. Surprisingly, the lady said “Oh, ok then!” and went back inside. I then said to the guys “I guarantee she’s calling the cops now.” At which we hurried and found a dark alley, and continued our quest for victory.

Now, I’m sure you are sitting there saying “Come on, tell us who won!!” Well, I’m happy to say the night belonged to the men. Afterwards, at the risk of spending the night in the clink (that’s street talk for prison, I think) we decided to still keep up our mischievous deeds, but from the safety of a vehicle, wear we exchanged contact lists on our phones, and prank called people.

So in the end I learned that a little kid’s game isn’t as innocent as it seems, when teenagers play it, and turn it into a sick, twisted game of survival. Though it may not be most people’s idea of an exciting spring break story, it was fun. Just a few of my friends and I hanging out, and being crazy, that’s my idea of a good time. Oh and there were other shenanigans that went on over spring break too involving my buddies, but sadly, I feel this paper is getting to long, so I’ll save those for another time.

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