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Eric Rodriguez


Adler covered his ears

"Leave me alone!" he shouted.

He dropped his book and ran out of the house. He had to escape the sounds. His ears sill covered, he raced into the woods behind his house.

"He has to leave me alone," he said to himself.

But to his horror, the bloody face appeared in his head. Adler screamed. Suddenly he tripped, fell, and hit his head.


"Whoa!" Exclaimed Adler. "Nice shot!"

His friend, Percy, smiled and ran to find the duck he had killed. So far during their hunt, Percy had most of the luck, and Adler, despite his encouragement and friendly attitude, was beginning to become jealous.

"It's getting dark," Percy pointed out. "Maybe we should go home."

"No!" Adler exclaimed. "One more shot, that's all. Then we can go home."

Percy nodded in agreement.

As soon as they loaded their weapons, Adler and Percy began to creep along the field. In a few minutes the sun had set, and it soon became dark. A mist began to enclose them, like a pack of wolves surrounding their prey. It was cold enough that Adler could see his breath, but he dare not give up. He shivered. "I'll get this one," he promised himself.

As he continued on silently, Adler's mind began playing tricks. Shadows jumped at him. He tried to ignore them, but excitement overwhelmed him. When Adler thought he heard a flap of wings, it was too much for him. Adler pointed his rifle in the direction of the sound and fired. But when he looked, he could not see anything. Adler frowned with disappointment.

"Well, Percy, I guess this was your lucky trip," he sighed sadly. "Let's go home."

Percy did not respond.


There was still no response. Adler began to get annoyed. What was Percy doing? Was he playing a game?

"Percy!" he called again. "Answer me. Where are...?"

Adler was cut short as he gasped at what he saw. There was Percy, but he was lying on the ground. There was blood all over him, and his face was covered with dark, bloodstained mud. Crying, Adler bent down and checked for a pulse. He felt nothing.

"No!" Adler cried.

Too shocked and scared to think clearly, Adler ran home.

Adler woke up crying. He sat up and moaned. His head was pounding with pain. He put his hand to his forehead and gasped and he felt something wet. He brought back his hand. There was blood all over it.

"Why? Why do you torture me?" he asked out loud. "I told the police where you were! I'm sorry you died, Percy. But why do you haunt me! Why! It wasn't my fault..."

Adler choked on his last words. He finally realized with dread that it wasn't Percy that was bringing back the memories of that awful night. It was he. His guilty conscience would never let him forget that he was the one that caused Percy's death, and there wasn't anything Adler could use as a scapegoat. His guilt was so strong that it would bring back the memories again and again, for the rest of his tormented life. 

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