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Death Of A Wizard



I think back to a time when the world was new and I was young. When my mind was sharp and the body was strong. I was invincible and feared nothing. I had powers that only I knew the full potential of. Powers that could be used to help and heal or to maim and destroy. 

I traveled the countryside always seeking to increase my knowledge. I met many
great and wise people in my journeys, always taking something away from the meeting that hopefully would enhance my life. It was a time when those of us with the power were feared and respected. We were given privileges that others could only envy. It was a great time and I took full advantage of everything that I had been blessed with.

Now as I sit alone as an old man thinking back over that great span of time I realize that I was no different than those around me. The power that I had and used to increase my stature in the eyes of those around me was nothing special, it was nothing that those around me did not have themselves. The thing that separated me from them was that I saw the potential of the power, I sought out the power, always looking to increase the power. 

Now that more and more have found the power, use the power, and understand the power, my time here becomes very short. My usefulness is greatly diminished. I am now nothing more than an old man looking back on a golden age that may never be seen again. It is now time for my body to be put in the earth. I do not fear this because I know that my body is not me, merely a vessel that carried my essence while on this earth. I know that who I am and what I am will live on, my
spirit will survive for all time, and that I will be called on again to come back and use my power once again.

As my eyes dim and the room darkens around me I can now tell you what the power is and where its source can be found. Lean close and listen hard, this is the true essence of everything that I am and everything that I will be again. The power is knowledge. Search it out, embrace it, never turn you back to it. 

This is the one true power that will set you free and let you live for all time. It will let you come back again and again to help, heal, and spread light where there once
was nothing but darkness. This is the secret of the wizard.

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