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A View Of Joe


David A. Gillaspie

Joe Broom cleaned rooms in the section where no one got out of bed. He dry mopped the dust bunnies into piles and swept them away. He always knew when their eyes were on him, but he didn't mind.

"Been chasing that one from one room to another. That dust runs out front and you never will catch it. But here it is."

He smiled into the blinking eyes of the blank face. When he swayed one side to the other the eyes followed him. That was his test. If they didn't follow him with their eyes he collected the dirt and moved on; if they did, he continued.

"One time I hunted down a big old bunny, so big I thought I'd need a license. It hid behind the doors, under beds. I think it went home with someone at night and came back in the morning."

He swayed and the eyes stayed on him.

"I caught it trying to get into a cupboard in the breakroom. One poor woman was reaching in for a pack of coffee creamer and the bunny tried slipping around her hand. I stabbed it with the bristles of my broom quick as that."

The eyes widened.

"Yes I did. I harpooned it right on the edge of the cabinet. Only took one plunge and it was all over. Never seen one like it, never expect to see another."

The eyes slowly faded and closed and Joe Broom pushed his pile out the door. He'd learned not to tell too much.

His voice carried into the hallway from the next room.

"If you're not careful those bunnies will sneak up on you. They are unique like that. So you sneak up on them instead."

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