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Michael Buchanan

Dave, Pickle, and Linda taking a walk in the woods because a day or to earlier they saw a house. So they went back up to the house and it was getting dark. So they went into the house and it was old and dusty. So they went and searched the house nothing was really in it that was valuable. So it was getting pretty dark and Linda was getting nervous because they were out in the woods in the dark.

So they headed out the door and there were coyotes surrounding them so they rushed back inside and lit a few old candles. They all decided that they were going to stay there overnight and head back out in the morning. They tried to call there parents and tell them but there cell phones didnít have any service up there. Linda was really scared she said the house didnít feel right to her but the guys just said it was all in her head.

So they got her comedown and they decided it was time maybe to check and see if the coyotes were still out there . So Pickle went and checked and as soon as he opened the door they started howling. So Pickle went and tolled Linda and Dave that the coyotes were still out there, and they would be spending the night. There was a old couch and a couple of chairs that Dave found and they were going to sleep on. Linda got the couch and Dave got the floor, and Pickle decided to sleep on the floor to. Linda blew out the candle and they all said goodnight. About 1:00 am Linda heard something say her name. She was really scared and woke the guys up and tolled them what she just heard. They tolled her to go back to sleep and that it was all in her head. Then they heard a little kids voice say help me Dave I'm upstairs in a room, please help me.

Then they heard chains dragging and then it stopped. So Pickle went up to investigate while he was up there he saw a man in the hallway, he could see right through it. He came downstairs screaming and tolled Linda and Dave what he had just saw. Now everybody was freaking out and scared. All of a sudden they hear a scream. It sounded like a lady. Get out A voice said to the frightened teens. They all screamed and ran out off the house they heard the coyotes but they didnít care they were to scared to stop running. They got about a quarter mile in the woods and Linda tripped and hurt her ankle. Then they finally stopped running to help Linda.

She was ok just a little sprain. They had no idea were they were so they just sat down until daylight started. Then they could see were they were and after about a hour they found were they parked Pickles truck. The next day at school they tolled all there friends what had happened and there friends just started laughing. They said they fallowed them up to the house and had tapes of coyote sounds and had a projector to show a man and that is what Dave saw and all the other noises they heard were noises there friends have made, and there friends said they got it on video. Dave, Linda ,ad Pickle were so mad, but eventually they got over it. They were so relieved that it wasnít a real ghost. So they all went on with there lives.


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