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The Earth and It's People


Emily Lain

Alasie, an Inuit elder known in English as Alice, had listened intently to her father all her long life until he passed. She herself had kids and one day, and then grandchildren. Eight years later, her eldest grandchild approached Alasie at her eightieth birthday celebration while everyone else was chatting amongst themselves in another room. Hannah, the little girl, found her grandmother wise and full of many old stories and grew curious about one thing: where people and their earth came from. She decided to ask Alaise.

"Grandma, where did we all come from? How did the earth come to be as it is today?"
Alaise smiled deeply.

"Why, little Hannah, my father told me a story many years ago that he had passed on from ages ago. I believe it's time you heard what I believe.

"About four thousand years ago, when the earth was all a deep blue ocean with only one small Island with two apple trees and one palm tree on it, there were no people. However, the ocean had a great power. He could make a pure soul. The sun could make a lively heart and the moon had the power to make a very smart brain.

"One day, the ocean was very bored. He found he always was because he could never talk to the sun because she was in the sky way to high to hear. He could not talk to the moon because all he heard were tiny whispers. They could never talk or make experiments with their powers.

"However, one warm, crisp day, the ocean was mad. The sun's rays were too bright and shiny. He could not see. He was so mad that he shot some of his power straight into the sun to see if it would get his message across. The moon was also angry at the sun because she always went over him for at least twelve hours of the day or so. He too shot some of his power at the sun. The sun got so much madder that she shot her power at the small island while trying to hit the ocean, the one that started the whole thing. While she did that she shot the other two powers with her power. By the time it reached the earth there were parts of a human standing on the small island. They all looked at it for a long time, trying to think of what it was. Then the palm tree started to talk to them.

"'This is a human. You gave him a lively heart, Sun. You gave him a pure soul, Ocean. You gave him a smart brain, Moon. When all these things hit into one it gave it life. Now I must give it a gift. I will give it healthy skin, bones and blood to live on.'

"And poof! With just one spin of the sand, it now had skin, bones and blood. They found that human was so interesting that they made another one. The only problem was that they ran out of room to put these humans. The sun tried very hard to think of a solution but grew furious with not being able to think of anything. Soon, the sun was so mad that it's rays grew stronger and stronger, eventually evaporating half of the ocean's water, also creating rain that would fall from the skies when it pleased.

"After they made more then one hundred of these humans, one of the apple trees began to talk.

"'I will give each of these humans a quality that they find they can do best at. They are all very special now and unique.'

"And poof! With just one whip of the grass, all the humans had something they were good at doing, such as building homes or searching for food. They made over one thousand when all of a sudden the second apple tree began to speak.

"'All of these humans look exactly alike! I will make each of them have different hair color, skin color, eye color and body shape. I will also make them either boys or girls. They will also have a special name.'

"And poof! With just one whirl of the wind, all the people were different.
After a while the sun got very tired of having the ocean and moon throw their powers at her. She then screamed as loud as she could at them, 'Let's put a bit of each of our powers in each human so that some day, they may come out and we can watch them grow older and older! It will be so much more fun and I will not get hurt anymore!'

"Therefore, they all decided to put a bit of their powers in each of their creations. Now, from that day on, we all are different, special and have very healthy skin, blood and bones with an earth to live on.

"And that is what I believe happened many years ago, and that is what our family before me believe and so on."

From that day on, Hannah grew to believe this. She taught it to her children and grandchildren as well, hoping they would pass the story on to the many generations to come.

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