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Let it be a dream



I might look like a happy person"  thought Jack finishing up his house decorations for Halloween. And really his kids were playing beside a huge house, his wife was right there beside him. Also Jack was a really good business man, so he could afford to work two hours a day only. But Jack did not feel that he is happy. His wife interrupted his daydream.

"So do you like it kids?"  asked Jack because he loved to see his family happy. The kids are busy, and I don't understand why you had spent the whole day of your life doing nothing but decorating!  said Martin. She sounded irritated. Martin. No more of this junk! It's getting late. The kids need to go to bed  and she had slammed the door. Later when Jack asked her if she is still mad at him she did not reply. And so Jack turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Jack could not sleep for a long time. His wife is getting mad. He had just received a rather large investment from a rather large company. The market is risky, and if they won't succeed. So as you can see his head was full of bad thoughts. He laughed at himself  his thoughts were as spooky as an upcoming Halloween for which he prepared so long. Then he finally fell asleep.

He started to dream of himself getting away from this just for one day. Getting away from his always angry wife, from his work, Sweet dreams, He was dreaming of a light blue and green sea, hot sand, white clouded sky, early sunsets and late sunrises. A nice girl came up and invited him for a glass of icy cold, but sweet cocktail. At all of the evenings the hotel had a party.

Suddenly a telephone rang. R-r-ring! R-r-ring!! R-r-ring!!! - Hello! Who is it? This is me, James! James, do you know what time it is? Time is not important. Did you read today's newspapers?  No, what happened? The market crushed, we are in big trouble.  So what did exactly happen? Jack, now all of our stocks don't cost a broken penny. And we took a huge investment from the famous company DigitalXpert. We don't have anything to pay back with, the company had bankrupt!!!  Oh no!

Jack was shocked. He quickly runs down the stairs, while running he tripped over the second highest step, and quickly, like a rabbit running away from the hunter, a thought ran through his head. He thought that this step needs repair.
Jack searches for his telephone book, opens it with shaking hands, calls his doctor by accident, hangs up, calls his priest, no not his priest, oh yes he calls his lawyer, and you are now a bankrupt. I am sorry. I can't help you or provide my services anymore. I am really sorry but I can't help you...

Oh no!.. Crappy lawyer. Now everybody will turn away from me. How will I pay my arrearages? What should I do about this?! This is terrible how could this happen?! I wish it was just a dream+ I wish it was just a dream+ I wish it was just a dream"  he thought horrified, without knowing what to do in this situation...

And so he wakes up with his heart pounding. First he was too scared to realize that he woke up. Phew, it was just a dream!!! That means everything is ok, I am not a bankrupt, and I can pay the investment I got. Still that crappy lawyer should be replaced" he thought with an easy sigh of relief. He looks beside him to tell his wife what a dream he just had. And then where she usually sleeps he sees a note.

My dear, I had left you breakfast at the coffee table. Your last breakfast made by me. Yes. I am leaving with the kids. Sorry. You are just too perfect. Too much. I can't take it anymore when I see you pulling me up, while I am pulling your career down. I am taking the kids with me. Sorry. Next time you will need to make your diner yourself. If I had given you a hard time, I am sorry. I am leaving.

He goes, or you could say flies, down the stairs, tripped over the second highest step and thought that it needs to be repaired. Downstairs he saw all the suitcases packed up and his wife leaning against the door crying. The kids are asking her What happened? What happened? Where is daddy? And there their daddy is all white, with his also white hair standing up, with his brown, deep, smart eyes full of fear. Listen, Martin I am sorry, but what am I guilty for?! I am also tired of all the different arguments with you, but let's talk calmly about what we wanted to say to each other for the past few months. Stop that! I had enough! I already sent all of the papers to the lawyer so I could get divorced. We had talked enough. And she slammed the door pulling their daughter Alexandra and her son Joe with her.

Oh no! My wife had left me! Why? Why do I deserve it? When we had arguments about different things I always gave in. Poor children what will they think about me and our relationship with their mother? Oh man, this is terrible. Martin is so stubborn and it's useless to try to talk to her..." His mind was working hard to find the answer to the main question  why could one person so easily ruin a life of another person?! Why?!

And so he wakes up with his heart pounding and with his knees trembling. He quickly looks beside him, and there is his wife in her nice sleep. Wow! How good is that it was only a dream! But what a terrible dream! Just like a dream you should have on Halloween. A nightmare I would say. I have not even thought before how I value my family! I guess I never thought of it before I had something to compare to. But now I do." He thought while sitting up on his soft and comfortable bed.

Then because all of those nightmares made him thirsty he goes down the stairs to get some water. While he was coming down he almost fell while tripping over the second highest step. Strange why didn't I notice before that this step needs to be fixed?"  He thought while descending. He drinks some water and turns on the TV. Today on highway 101 there was a huge.  Suddenly he smells smoke.

He quickly runs up to the stairs but there is fire there. Somebody had lit his house on fire by throwing a burning explosive in his window. The explosive was a smell freshener and as it blew, it lit everything around it on fire.

Jack quickly thinks what to do. He runs to the telephone but the wires were burned. 9-1-1 would not work. So he could not get to his wife and to his children upstairs. He could have shouted to them, because they did not smell the fire from there, but his throat was dry, and he had lost his voice. The fire was spreading and spreading. It came closer and closer to the curtains upstairs that were beside the wooden stairs. What to do? What to do? This can't be happening. This must be another dream. This must be.

But the fire kept going closer and closer. Its deadly tentacles were ready to bring destruction to whatever stands in its path. Fire does not know mercy. Since the ancient times it had been a protection to humans, but also a threat. And now it was coming for HIS kids, and HIS wife, and all he could do is just stand there. He could have sprayed the fire with water. But how to carry the water from the tap in the kitchen to the stairs? In a glass? That will take too much time.

This is a terrible nightmare. This is a terrible nightmare. This has to be. Yes. This is a terrible nightmare. First my company bankrupted. Then my wife left me. I thought it was a catastrophy. I never knew what lies ahead. I never knew that it will only get worse. I hope this is just a dream. Just another dream. Oh God, PLEASE MAKE THIS ANOTHER DREAM! I won't take it. If they will be dead I will be dead. If it's them  it's me. They are part of me." What caused him to do that? Why did he do it? But in the next second he ran and jumped right into the blazing fire And woke up with a pounding heart, trembling knees, and with sweat running and burning through his body.

Jack turns on the light. 6:00 a.m.  It is mourning already. Time to wake up! Jack stands up. His wife is here. Jack goes and checks his email. The stocks are rising. He goes down. No window broken, no fire. In a minute his wife comes down to the kitchen to make breakfast. Hello honey! Hello dear!  Jack came up and hugged her like he never did after the wedding day. Everything is perfect. Life goes on. Jack is happy. After having burned eggs with a famous bankrupt" toast, Jack was reading the newspaper. His younger child Joe was sitting across. Daddy, what do you wish for more then anything? What would I wish for? I wish this dream to never end And by the way, Martin, remind me to fix the stupid step on the stairs! I keep on tripping!

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