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Molly’s Place


Harry Buschman

Molly arrived by bus at the terminal in New York only two weeks ago and the hustle and bustle of its 24 hour day was still exciting. She got a job answering the telephone at AirWest because she had a rosy outlook and a southern accent. Now, two weeks later she deposited her first pay check from AirWest and bought her first honest to goodness sit down lunch at the automat on Sixth Avenue. Tomorrow she promised herself she would look for a new pair of shoes with four inch heels.

She was lucky to find an apartment near the DeKalb subway station in Brooklyn – just above it as a matter of fact. So many of the rooms she looked at were inconvenient to get to or in neighborhoods a young girl from the south would not care to walk through at night.

It was a small one room apartment to be sure – ‘efficiency’, they called it, hardly bigger than the chest of drawers in her bedroom at home in Biloxi. But it was home to Molly for the time being and this evening she was all set to eat her bucket of chicken wings, stretch out on the floor and listen to the music of heavy metal on her tiny earphone radio. But first she reached out with her foot to turn on the air conditioner – it was getting hot in here.

In the silence of her empty room with nothing but the grinding whine of the air conditionerher, her radio and her chicken wings to keep her company, she summed up the quality of her life. Things looked more promising than she ever hoped for and her natural rosy outlook sweetened her prediction for the future. She reminded herself that the best things in life are free, and this is the best of all possible worlds.

However Spartan her condition was at the moment – however confining, plus the fact that she had to share a bathroom with the Mexican building superintendent with a frightening skin condition, they were still heads and shoulders above the life she left behind in Biloxi.

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